February 21, 2017

9 Things You can Do When You are Losing Trust In Your Relationship

TrustTrust is a key component in any relationship.  Without trust, nurturing a relationship can be almost impossible.  If you have found yourself lacking in the area of “trust” in your relationship, the following information will be very helpful for you.  Below are things that you can do to rebuild the trust that is essential to maintain a healthy relationship.


  1. Bring the problem to the attention of your partner.  Just because trust is a problem for you, doesn’t mean that trust is a problem for your partner.  If it has become a concern of yours, perhaps it is time to sit them down and talk about the situation. Begin by explain why you are having trouble trusting.  There may be things that your partner can do to help you rebuild trust.  Begin by talking about the problem.
  2. Concentrate on positive aspects of your relationshipIf you are having trouble with trust, remind yourself of the areas that your partner meets your needs.  What are his or her strengths?  Focusing on the good areas of the relationship will help you not to contemplate on the bad.  It is essential to do this when trying to rebuild trust.
  3. Realize that it may take some time.  Trust can be lost in the matter of a few seconds. Unfortunately, it is not always as easy to get it back. You have to be patient.  Rebuilding trust can be hard work. Don’t give up right away! Give it some time.
  4. Be okay with giving second chancesIf you don’t agree with giving second chances, you may never learn to trust in your current relationship ( or any relationship for that matter.) Do you feel that people deserve a second chance in life? Let this mindset help you learn how to trust your partner once again.
  5. Do you really want to work things out? Before you make the effort to try to rebuild trust, make a decision as to if saving the relationship is really worth it to you.  If you know that the relationship isn’t going anywhere, why not use this as an excuse to end it? If you truly do care about the other person, you will be more than willing to do what it takes to rebuild trust.
  6. Spend some extra time together.  The only way you can rebuild trust in your relationship once again is if you spend time with your partner.  The two of you need to reconnect and this will involve scheduling time to be together.  Plan a weekend getaway for the two of you where you can spend time alone to talk about the relationship. Get to the root of the problem.
  7. See a counselor. If you are having trouble rebuilding trust, consider setting up an appointment with someone who can help you overcome the problem. A pastor, close friend, or counselors are all people that you may consider talking with about rebuilding trust.  Perhaps they can offer an insight to your relationship that will help you begin the rebuilding process.
  8. Let the past be the past.  If you are trying to rebuild trust, you must let the past stay in the past.  Don’t bring up situations that occurred during the past in arguments. This will only bring up bad memories. You will be playing the blame game rather than rebuilding the trust that you once had with your partner.  Once you have forgiven your partner, refuse to look back.  Focus on the positive and the future.
  9. Don’t give up.  If you aren’t willing to give up on the relationship, don’t give up on rebuilding trust.  Wounds can be healed and the trust CAN be rebuilt.  Stay positive about the relationship and it will live up to your expectations.

If you are having trouble trusting your partner, the tips above will be very helpful for you. Begin rebuilding trust by bringing the problem to your partner’s attention. Together, the two of you can work on the trust aspect or your relationship.  Will you take the advice above in helping you get back the trust you once had in your partner?

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  1. If you give without expectation, you get beyond your expectation.

  2. Good relationship is not possible without a trust and understanding in partners.

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