February 21, 2017

5 Unbelievable Products for People Suffering from Arthritis

If you have trouble moving around or feel stiffness and pain in your body, you might have arthritis. Most types of arthritis cause swelling and pain in your joints. Over time, this can cause severe damage to the joints. Some types of this disease can also cause problems to the body organs, such as skin or eyes. Every year, around $50 are spent on arthritis related disabilities in US. Therapists usually advise the patients to use handy helps like designed gardening and kitchen tools. Listed below are 5 different helping aids, which are designed especially for the people suffering from arthritis.

1. Etac Uni-turner

Etac uniTwisting and turning tap or knob can be very painful in case of wrist or finger arthritis. But no need to worry; the solution for this problem is Uni-tuner. It is an Ergonomic hexagonal shaped handle, which you can use with both hands. With this aid you can turn the door knobs, oven regulator, open/close tap or even work with dishwasher and washing machine knobs. Absence of latex in it ensures no slippage.

2. Arthritis Gripping tool

Gripping tools

Moving fingers together closely can be very painful for the arthritis patients. For this purpose Arthritis Gripping tool is a nice solution. This can be used with both hands, to ensure proper holding and adjustments. Once the patient grips this tool firmly, the rest can be done easily without straining fingers or wrist.

3. Reach extender

Reach extenderArthritis affects mobility. A slight movement of affected joint and muscle can result in unbearable pain. Reach extender in an ideal solution for those who are suffering from knee or hip joint arthritis and are facing problem in moving around. With this aid you will be at liberty to accomplish many jobs without moving from your sitting place. This aid consists of an aluminum rod extender fitted with a trigger on one end and finger shaped claws on the other end. Whenever, you are in need to get something, like your mobile, remote control or other small objects, all you need to do is clamp claws onto the object and use the trigger to get hold of it. Reach extender has a magnetic variant too, which can be used for safe and easy handling or steel or iron objects.

4. OXO kitchen tools

Oxo gripping toolsWith arthritis, working in kitchen with regular kitchen tools can be very painful. Oxo international kitchen tools are specially designed for the people who suffer from arthritis. Around 30 kitchen tools have been designed by oxy international, which includes easy handling knives, peelers, bottle openers and many other tools. So if your arthritis is stopping you from working in your own kitchen, this is an ideal solution for you.

5. Locking raised toilet seat

People, who suffer from hip join or knee arthritis, often face problems in using the low height toilet seats. Doctors and experts suggest that there should be an angle of 90° degrees, for painless use of toilet seat. Locking raised toilet seat solves that problem. It can be clamped on a regular toilet seat, to raise its height. As it is clamped, there will no issue of its displacement when in use.


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