February 21, 2017

4 Ways to Live Well in Your Golden Years

Some say that your retirement years are the most memorable and happiest in a person’s life. Without responsibilities or work to consume the majority of your daytime hours, you’re now free to pursue hopes and dreams that you’ve put off until now. The following are four tips on how to live well throughout your golden years.

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Travel and Leisure

Raising a family, work and other obligations took precedence throughout your life and finding the time to do things that you’ve always longed to do may have gotten placed on the back burner. Now is the time for you to fulfill your hopes and dreams and do the things that you’ve always longed to do. Whether you’ve always wanted to travel throughout Europe or purchase a condo in a trendy section of the city, you now have the opportunity to make this a reality.

Family and Friends

Life can get hectic with daily obligations, and you may have found it difficult to spend time with family and friends doing the things that you wanted to share together. This is the ideal time in your life to strengthen relationships and make new friendships. You can babysit your grandchildren a couple of times a month and spend time sharing activities such as the zoo, meals out, baseball games and watching a favorite movie at home.

You can also solidify old bonds or make new friends by joining a gym, taking classes at the local community college or visiting the senior center. Retirement assisted living communities are ideal locations for seniors who enjoy being surrounded by people their own age. With a variety of amenities and activities, you can find this a great way to stay healthy, active and socialize.

Maintaining Your Health and Wellness
Life expectancy is on the rise, so planning for the future before your health declines might be a good idea. For more information, click on: http://www.chateauvestavia.com/birmingham-assisted-senior-living. A longer life expectancy also means you will have time to do a number of things to maintain your mental and physical wellness. Minimizing stress throughout your golden years can keep health complications and illnesses at bay.

Because you have more time to dedicate to eating healthy, you can shop for items that will energize and keep you fit and trim. If you don’t know how to cook, this is the best time to learn. Other important activities include yoga and stretching classes. This can prevent falls and keep you limber when doing activities around the home.

Hobbies and Business

Since you won’t have a steady stream of income coming in from a daily job, you may want to invest your money in a business or partnership. In addition to keeping your mind sharp, this extra business can be a great opportunity to dabble in something part-time while pursuing other pleasures. Hobbies such as golf, book club, wood- working and tennis can keep you busy with pleasurable pursuits. You can also volunteer your time to charitable organizations that are near and dear to you.

Your golden years are a time in your life when you are finally free to do whatever your heart desires. With a little careful planning, saving, keeping active and forming important friendships, you can find this next chapter to be the best part of your life.

Debbie Nguyen is a freelance graphic designer and blogger in Atlanta. Her aging mother is still living by herself semi-independently, but will need to re-assess her situation in the not too distant future.

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