February 17, 2017

Your Place in the World – Presence

We all have an energy field emanating from our hearts.  Through this energy field, our presence has an influence on everyone around us.  Perhaps we have met those who have a spiritual presence about them.  Their heart field is full of love.

Everyone give off a sense of presence.  Some people have a very strong presence.  We know when they walk into a room just by sensing it.  Others have a soft, gentle presence.  Some people have a calm, peaceful presence.  We feel calm when standing near them.  Some people are charismatic and their presence is inspiring.

Spiritual practice as well as practicing love (maybe they are the same thing) will give us that high vibration of the heart field.  Since our presence affects those around us, bringing the vibration of our heart fields up has a cumulative positive effect on the world.

Not everyone has a positive presence.  Those who are living a low energy existence can have a negative presence.  Many of us know people like this.  Many of them are sexually promiscuous, abuse substances, or practice criminal activity.  But many of them are simply needy and emotionally hungry.  We dearly love these people but, for our own peace, we need to limit the amount of time spent with them.  If we do have to be in the presence of these unfortunate ones, it is a good idea to increase our spiritual practices.

Places can also feel a certain energetic way.  A house of worship is going to feel different than, for example, a prison.  The house of worship is routinely filled with people who have that more positive presence.  A person’s presence affects the place and the place can affect the person’s presence.

By working to maintain a positive presence, the world around us benefits from our presence.

Our presence in the world is what is important.  It is not so important how much or what we know, it is how we connect with others.  Our presence makes a huge impact on those around us.

We can bring an angry presence to a gathering or we can bring a peaceful, loving presence.  It is really our choice how we show up.  The presence we bring is really a reflection of what is going on inside us.

We can choose what our presence is by how we live our lives.  If we are angry, hurt, and feeling like a victim, our presence will be a drain on others.  We need to deal with our emotions or we will be burdening others with them.  It is okay to seek help from friends with our anger or pain.  It is not okay to subject everyone in your vicinity to these emotions.  We have all experienced someone whose negative presence drained the energy from everyone all around.

We have also all experienced being in the presence of someone who is very loving and peaceful.  We do this ourselves by cultivating love and peace within ourselves.  Through spiritual practice we become more loving and peaceful ourselves.  Then we are the ones bringing a loving, peaceful presence to a gathering.

Meditation, loving kindness practice, and prayer will bring us all to this level of peace.  So will our being in the presence of other peaceful people.  The presence we bring will eventually pass on to others.

Our presence is a reflection of who we genuinely are.  We cannot fake what we are.  There are some, however, who can fool others into sensing their presence as something different.  They do this by playing on people’s vulnerabilities.  Those who are comfortable in their own skin usually see these people as who they are rather than who they are trying to fool people into believing.

We can also sense the presence of God.  God’s presence is all around us.  We often forget this, especially if we have been remiss in our spiritual practices.  If we cannot physically feel God’s presence, we can easily see it.  Just look around.  There are flowers, sunrises, children, other people’s smiles, furry animals, majestic mountains, and oceans all around us.  There are even cool inventions to make life better.  Who do you think inspires inventors?

One thing is always certain.  We are never alone.  We do not ever have to feel there is no presence around us.


By Denise Onyskiw.

Denise  currently is writing a book about life balance between the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical planes of our existence. Watch her book intro video or check her facebook page for more information.


  1. Denise congratulation so interesting article. You always write so smart. Good luck with your book! Hope it will become bestseller.

  2. Denise Onyskiw says:

    Thanks, John! I hope it will become a bestseller, too. The book proposal is due to a publisher at the end of June.

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