February 16, 2017

What Would Your Fingernails Say?

If your nails could speak, what would they say? Would they speak of nail salon appointments for OPI Axxium, Acrylic Nails and Manicures or would they speak of Chipped Nail Polish, Finger Paint, Dish Water, and Dirt? Have you ever noticed how much a woman’s fingernails say about her. Well technically they do not “speak” but often they speak louder than words themselves.


“Fingernail language speaks louder than words.”

How does a woman’s fingernails speak so loudly? In order to answer this question I need to help you visualize some fingernails with me. As we go on this mental tour of two different sets of fingernails I want you to try to see the nails I am describing. Remember to let your emotions help you hear the words the fingernails are saying. Since you will be feeling what the nails are saying you may hear something completely different than me or anyone else. The same set of nails can say something completely different to more than one person.

I Wish My Nails Were Her’s

A woman decides to go visit an old friend. She has known her for many years. Although it has been awhile since she last visited, she knows that she will be welcomed into her home. Now her friend’s home is much different than her own. It has kids! Kids ranging from 4 to 15.

She knocks on the door twice. Her friend answers with a sweet hello and a wide smile. She of course welcomes her in to the sitting room.

The house is perfectly quiet and still. The lady asks about the kids. She mentions that they just went to sleep and how wonderful everything is and that “life is surprisingly uneventful”. Soon they begin talking about college days. Time seems to rush by as they talk into the night.

The hour gets late and before leaving the woman catches a glimpse of the once beautifully kept fingernails. Now however they are completely different.

Her right hand’s fingernails are splashed with what looks like red and blue paint. Under the paint the cuticles are creeping up the nails. All of the nails on both hands are uneven and short. Many of them look like they have been broken off as they struggled to grow to just the perfect length.

The left hand shows a sign that the friend still tries to stay polished. Her pinkie nail has a fleck of nail polish doing its best to remain in tack but will soon loose the battle. A few of the fingernails seemed to tell her about the morning routine of running through her little girls hair as she brushes it for school.

To some these nails may seem battered and unhappy but for the woman they spoke of a wonderful life. A life full of caring and love. She envied those nails. She envied the nails that said that they loved to be painted on by little girls art brushes, nails that couldn’t wait to feel the soft little girls hair with each brush stroke, and nails that were winning the battle against each nail polish application.

Little did the woman know but the friend also heard the woman’s nails speaking to her. They spoke of excitement and fashion, they told her of how they have been adorned by the newest nail fashion, and how beautiful they are. The friend began to envy the nails as they spoke to her of fantasy and beauty.

We are creatures of detail. For women the emotions of joy, sadness, adventure, and passion are in the detail. One reason that fingernails have such an important part in a woman’s body language may very well be because of this fact. They specifically speak a language that represents their life. Whether your nails are adorned with Axxium, Acrylic Nails, Chipped Nail Polish, Finger Paint or Dish Water they speak their own language and they say something different to everyone that hears them.

What do you want your fingernails to say?

Jocelyn writes about fashion in the nail industry. She has recently fallen in love with OPI Axxium Colors and continues to share her passion for nail fashion with readers on various websites.

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