February 21, 2017

What Will You Do In Retirement?

After working your whole life towards retirement, it can almost seem too good to be true when you finally reach it. Many people get overwhelmed when they reach their retirement and have a hard time figuring out what to do with their new found freedom and extra time on their hands. Previously, when people finally reached retirement age, they didn’t do much because they weren’t expected to live very long. Thankfully, those times are long gone and retirees have much to live for and have plenty of time to see and do many exciting things. Below are some things you can do when you finally reach retirement. 
Sports for seniors


For many people, they spend a majority of their time while working dreaming about their vacations. Vacations were a time to get caught up on chores and errands or to travel. Unfortunately, many people do not have long enough vacations to travel the way they want. This is why when you retire, it is the best time to travel. Spend your time traveling the country and going abroad. A new craze for retirees is purchasing vacation homes abroad, perhaps via a timeshare or opting for a luxury home under a fractional ownership real estate scheme. Many retiring Americans are choosing to do it abroad to save money and stretch their retirement funds because of cheaper living expenses in other countries.

Start a Business

It can be very rewarding to start a business once you retire. You might have wanted to do this for many years but never had the time to start. You can start a business doing something you’re good at or something you have a passion for. You will get to become your own boss and be able to do things how you want them done. Don’t let your age keep you from fulfilling your dreams of owning your own business.

Join a Book Club

For those that love to read and never had the time, retirement is the perfect opportunity to read some of those books that you never had the time for. To make it more interesting, join or start a book club with some friends and family members to make it more fun and turn reading into a regular social occasion.

Do Charity Work

Another great way to spend your retirement is by helping others. Donate some of your time working for charities. Some ideas include helping at soup kitchens, hospitals and schools. You can also put together a food or clothing drive for donations to give to local charities that need it.

Dance Lessons

Just because you have retired does not mean you have to sit around all the time like a bump on a log. Now is the time to do anything and everything you have always wanted to try. For some, dance lessons are the way to go. No matter what your fitness level, there are classes for everyone. This is also a great way to spend some quality time with your significant other or to meet new people.

Live on the Edge

If the idea of traditional retirement activities sound boring to you, then perhaps you would be more interested in partaking in some more extreme activities. Things like white water rafting, mountain biking and skiing are all great activities that are extremely exciting and can help you stay in shape and feeling young.

For years people anxiously await their retirement, and once the have flown the nest they might be surprised at just how much time that they have to fill. It is important for retirees to keep busy. Though it is a time to relax, it should also be an exciting time to enjoy all of the things you wanted to do in life but never had the time for. 

Georgina Clatworthy is a writer and busy mother of three.  She is currently a contributing writer for Ritz Carlton Club whose fractional ownership real estate club can offer retirees the option to own a share in a luxury vacation home at a top class resort of their choosing – backed by a company renowned for its excellence and customer service.

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