February 21, 2017

What does your Dating Site Partner Want?

If you’re a woman using a dating service, perhaps you’ve met some nice men along the way, but for some reason the dates haven’t worked out and you’re not sure why. Often times you think perhaps these men from the dating service are too picky and you ask yourself what is it that men want? That is a great question.  It’s a question that has bewildered women since the dawn of time, though the answer will change based upon the man you ask.  Most women like to generalize that the only thing men are interested in is sex, and of course there may be some truth to that.  Men are visual creatures; they are naturally attracted to physical beauty. But honestly, who isn’t attracted to physical beauty?

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There are many qualities other than outward beauty that make a woman alluring to a man.

Look, I am no expert, but I am fascinated with the differences between the genders.  In my quest to discover what men want, I’ve read many articles and surveys and bluntly asked numerous men, “What is it that you want from a woman?”  Though the answers I received from this very general question were quite varied, there did seem to be a common claim among them:  men like women who like themselves.

Men like confident women. It’s as simple as that. Men like women who take care of themselves physically, emotionally and mentally. The bottom line is, if you like yourself the way you are, you will attract other people to you. There is a certain energy and vitality about a person who is truly content with themselves. Just as they are. Trust me. Self-contentment is the key to attracting others, but it is not something you can fake; you really have to be happy with who you are as a person.

It’s not necessary to look like a Victoria Secret model to attract a man.  Obviously, a man is going to be stimulated by a gorgeous woman, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they want to spend the rest of their lives with a model.  It has been said that the sexiest part of the body is the brain.  Men are also stimulated by intellect and good conversation.  They appreciate talking with a woman who can challenge their mind and not just talk about shopping tips or reality television.  Challenging a man on an intellectual level is very appealing.

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We all have different physical “types” that we are drawn to, but do not underestimate the power of an outgoing personality, a strong and independent nature and a great sense of humor.  These are characteristics that enhance a person’s outward attractiveness.  Men like women who are comfortable in their own skin. It doesn’t take a pound of makeup or the latest fashion trends to catch a guy’s eye.  It won’t be worth a thing, if you’re pretending to be someone you’re not.

At the end of the day, men want what women want.  They want someone who is kind, loyal, respectful and supportive.  It seems men might be more attracted to a great smile than a pair of fake breasts. They’re looking for someone genuine and someone they enjoy spending time with.

So what do men want?  They want you to be you.  And if he doesn’t like you for who you are, then ask yourself why do you want to be with him?

About the Author: Debbie Lamedman is an avid dating blogger. She frequently writes about dating for The Dating Site Blog. She is highly sought after by friends and bloggers for relationship advice.

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