February 16, 2017

Weight Loss Solutions for Those Extra Pounds

Weight Loss Solutions

Our society has become more and more fixated on the concept of personal image, forcing us to strive for that perfect body. However, even without the concept of achieving perfect physique and form, taking care of your body is vital to your overall health and well-being. Having a healthy body contributes to a healthy mind and a positive attitude.

Here are a few tips and solutions for losing those stubborn extra pounds. Orlando weight loss programs should have professionals who can help figure out solutions that work well for you.

Surgical Procedures

Surgery should generally be the last resort, but it is still a legitimate method of losing weight. Some of the more popular weight loss procedures include:

  • Liposuction: Liposuction can be applied to any area of the human body that is affected by fat. During the procedure, your doctor will make small incisions in the skin of your problem areas. These incisions will allow for insertion of the cannula. The cannula is a thin tube attached to the vacuum or sucking mechanism. The machine then suctions the fat from the targeted areas of the body. Ultrasound may help liquefy the fat for easier extraction.
  • Laser liposuction: For a completely non-invasive alternative to liposuction, you may want to consider laser lipo in Orlando.

This procedure makes use of the Zerona laser. The Zerona medical laser in Orlando is a cold laser, meaning it is extremely low in intensity and frequency. When applied to trouble fat areas, the laser proceeds to emulsify fat within cells without harming the cells themselves. The fat then exits the cells, moving to interstitial space, before flushing out of the body through natural means.

  • Gastric banding: This procedure involves placing a band on the uppermost part of the stomach, which then separates the stomach into a small and a large portion. The small portion of the stomach will fill up quickly. The placement of the band also slows down movement of the food into the lower (larger) part of the stomach. The upper (smaller) part of the stomach registers as full, signaling to the brain that the entire stomach is full. The band causes you to feel full sooner with less amounts of food.

Diet and Exercise

Remember that, as effective as surgical procedures might be, they are not necessarily a permanent solution. Only in conjunction with diet and exercise can they become long term solutions.

For diet, make sure to eat balanced meals that feature plenty of fruits and vegetables. Portion control is also important, so try to stop eating before you feel to full.

Exercise will help you work off all that pent up energy and stress. If you want to focus on losing weight, make sure to do plenty of cardio, like jogging or running on the treadmill. For a more low impact work out, swimming will help you work up a sweat without straining your joints.

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