February 21, 2017

Want Your Internal Organs To Run Properly? Stop Doing These!

Everyone wants a nice, calm and healthy life. But some people put bad things into their body and still expect to be healthy. Our organs essentially run our internal systems and bodies and if you don’t look after them you will end up ill and in quite a lot of unfortunate cases dead. There are active steps to take to stop the degrading of organs so try to follow them as much as you can to ensure you live a long and healthy life. You may not do some of these as it is, but perhaps a family member or friend does. If so, maybe you can help them quit.



You can stop smoking. It isn’t easy of course as nicotine is extremely addictive. But there really is no excuse anymore. It literally rots your lungs, makes you breathless, hurts your heart, makes you smell and they aren’t cheap anymore like they used to be. You also hurt those around you with second hand smoke. So if your own health isn’t a priority then think about your loved ones around you. There are a myriad of ways to quit, you can use a nicotine patch, pills, an oil vape pen, the list goes on. You can even try going cold turkey. You will feel fitter, have more breath, not smell anymore and have more money, so the benefits are huge too.


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People seem to forget that alcohol is a drug. It is also quite bad for your liver as the liver has to work hard at processing the mixture of harmful elements. Thousands of people die from alcoholism every year and it ruins the lives of many more. There is no problem with the odd drink here and there, but if you can’t go a day without sampling some alcohol then you know you have a problem which needs to be sorted. In the less serious cases you can do this yourself by weaning yourself off. But in the cases that are more serious you will need to go to rehabilitation clinics and get professional help.



Again, excessive overeating is a problem these days as the obesity rates are steadily climbing. Being fat is a problem because the weight puts a huge strain on your internal organs, especially your heart which needs to work harder to pump the blood around a bigger body. Normally this comes with eating junk food, so on top of all of this you aren’t getting the right amount of nutrients into the body. You need to watch your diet and start either eating less or eating more healthily.



Doing nothing is all too easy these days. Games consoles and the internet means it is all too easy for kids to stay in. The same applies to adults who lead super busy lives. But being active is a huge aspect that contributes to a healthy human.  Doing nothing is bad for the heart, which becomes complacent and in turn means you will be out of breath. Exercise is one of the best ways to ensure your heart stays healthy. Do something that gets you out of breath a few times a week and build up to exercise that is considered “Cardio”, such as running or cycling.


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