February 21, 2017

Wake Up and Go For Your Dream

Do you have dream? Or maybe you stopped to dream long time ago? Often daily life makes us to forget about this what we really want. It’s proven that older people regret this just didn’t realize. It’s better to try than not. Dreaming helps to create new goals and develops imagination. Dreaming also helps to see in which life moment we stay.

One sick man with kidney cancer said to me that people realize what is important when something happens. Sometimes it’s too late. He was working abroad, faraway from home and said that it was biggest mistake in life to leave alone family, to see every second months. Life is only one and never know for how long God gives to us. Maybe it’s simple, but his words and eyes full of tears and wish to turn back time I will never forget.  Now he will not have many time to spend with family. That’s why change life before something will happen.

Think what do you really wish for you? It can be something small or big. Then write list how to achieve. Step by step. Give real time to have success. If you will give too short time, fast you may loose power.

F.e. if your dream is to know new language. First we should check how many time we can spend for learning and be patient. We will not speak perfect after 1 month. It’s longer lasting process. But going for dream and feeling to see success it’s beautiful. After first description we can buy books, or find teacher, native speaker. Later we can invite person from this country and try to talk on skype.

“Never give up on anybody. Miracles happens everyday.” H. Brown

Have you done some of things below? If not jet now its time to do.

1. Enjoy moments. Show your real feeling. If you love somebody- say this. If you are sad- cry. If you are angry- be angry. If you are guilty- say sorry. Real feelings mean real, full life.

2. Adopt the dog from shelter. Don’t buy expensive dog. You can adopt and it will be double pleasure. First- dog at home, human best friend and second help, watching in happy eyes.

3. Take map, close eyes and with finger choose some place. Next go to visit this place for weekend or holiday.

4. Start to do sports, biking, badminton, swimming are great sports for the body and mind .  Point is to find the best for You and do it.

5. Learn some not popular language. Never know when will need.

6. Have your family and give all to them. Spend active free time with your partner and kids, talk with them opened and very honest, always showing real feeling.

7. Pay  holiday or trip for your parents or family, surprise them.

8. Keep smile, say something nice to seller, waitress or cleaner. Give coin when somebody asks you.

9. Make money doing what you love.

10. Become a blood donor and bone marrow donor. Give part of you to people who really need this help. It’s wonderful to save life. Do something amazing.

Realize your dreams. Now it’s chance for you. Please leave a comment and write your dream and shortly plan how to achieve success.



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