February 21, 2017

Vasculitis Can Be Controlled By Taking Good Medicine and Controlled Diet

Are you searching for information on Vasculitis? Wait for a while; and read this article, I have tried giving sufficient basic information about Vasculitis, it’s symptoms and treatment. Basically Vasculitis is the disease causes because of inflammation/tenderness of blood vessel. In any organ we find blood vessels and different blood vessels in different organs. Few organs like Lungs, Kidney, Skin and Joints etc. locations all over the body. It is depend upon the particular blood vessels which are involved by the provocative process.

Different forms of Vasculitis have characteristic local pattern of blood vessels. The problem in health system indicates the illness called Vasculitis. The patient having Vasculitis always feels sick. Often having fatigue, weight loss, low grade fever, a rapid pulse rate, joint pains which are difficult to locate. Vasculitis is very painful disease as the patient feels constant pain in his body, nerve infarction, pain from inadequate blood gastrointestinal area etc. Nevertheless, in some cases underlying the root and identifying the problem is very challenging. This disease involves almost every organism in the body.


This disease not only affects on blood, joints, skin, lungs or joints but it also affects on brain, nerves, eyes, sinuses, nose, ears and gastrointestinal area. Many types of rashes like red spots (which are felt by the doctor’s finger tips) are found on the patients legs.

Rheumatoid Vasculitis Symptoms are mentioned below:

1) Repeated rash on skin may lead to hyper pigmentation patches over the skin.
2) Tremendous body ache especially joint pain without having swelling.
3) Shortness of breath like pneumonia and cavities in the lungs.
4) Abdominal pain
5) Anemia (Low percentage of red blood cells and high white cell count.
6) Constant sinus blocking, nose bleeding and infections that a patient can’t bear.
7) Hearing loss.
8) Affected blood vessels within the eyes may turn to sudden loss of vision.
9) Headaches
10) Strokes
11) Difficulty with harmonization, Changes in Mental Status
12) Nerve problems such as weakness and numbness.
13) Pain in hands and legs,
14) Repetitive Mouth Alcers
15) Lymph node syndrome

The sickness occurring from Vasculitis is luckily very rare and the occurrence rate differs from one geological location to another. The percentages at which new patients are analyzed are also tremendously variable and we are finding this disease more now, because of several reasons. One of the major causes is the better consciousness among doctors, and the accessibility of new investigative tests. A proper diagnose can save you from a severe damage of your health.

Rheumatoid Vasculitis Treatment:

Treatment depends upon what kind of Vasculitis you have and which body parts/organs are affected and the severity of the patient. The patients who have severe Vasculitis are treated with prescribed medicines. Patients who have minor problem they get recovered by medicines but many times when it is grown in the body then surgery can be done. The main motive/objective of treating rheumatoid Vasculitis is to cut down the redness/swelling in the affected blood vessels. This is normally done by cutting down or stopping the resistant power that caused the redness/swelling. The patient should take care of their diet and routine. A regular walking/exercise can definitely help. The symptoms will not go immediately; you have to struggle hard to get rid of this as the disease is related to blood vessels and nerves. Being a Vasculitis patient you should avoid oily and spicy food, potatoes, excess salty food, cold drinks, junk food, fast food etc.

Keep a watch on your health that, you are taking good care of your diet. If you are not taking good care of your diet also take sum multi vitamin tablets or protein powder to improve your immunity so as to keep yourself away from Vasculitis.

Author Bio: Myself Kaushik Bhojani. I enjoy writing useful articles about human health, food, diseases & conditions etc. to help people find relevant information easily. I have written many articles about various rheumatic disorders among patients and would like to conclude that, the occurrence of rheumatoid vasculitis is very far less now due to the newer treatment options of rheumatoid arthritis.


  1. Mirza Mosaraf Hossain says:

    Thanks for your artical. But I have not found any drug name to cure my mother’s vasculitis. So you are requested to sugest me what type of drug to take to cure the disease.
    Thank You.

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