February 21, 2017

Use The Black Currant

The Black currant is the edible berry of a shrub, which grows to 1-2 meters and is present in Northern and Central Europe and Asia. The plant’s scientific name is Ribes Nigrum. The taste of black currants is very sweet and sharp and also they’re used to make jams, added to desserts or as a part of sauces and dippings. Black currants are commonly used to make liqueur, ice-cream and they can be found in juices.

The Black currants contain lots of vitamins, especially vitamin C and from B group, potassium, iron, citric acid, pectins and anthocyanins which improves immunity. Also they are beneficial and helpful in metabolism, commonly used in digestive problems. Fruits act anti-inflammations and diuretic, cleaning urinary tubules and help in dissolution kidney stones.

Ectracts from leaves of the Black currant are recommended in anti-cancer diet, atherosclerosis, heart disorders and in body weakening, fight with free radicals. Extracts are used in coughing and in respiratory system disorders.

As we can see The Black currant can be used in many problems, but it’s not all reasons to use this plant. Next important reason is that it’s good in improvement elasticity of veins, in low blood clotting and anemia.

The Black currant in cosmetology:

– poultices from leaves of Black currant act in wound healing, ulcers and after insects bites.

In small plant is big power :)

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