February 21, 2017

The Unexpected Health Benefits Of Chewing Gum

Is it true? Can you really find health benefits in something as simple as chewing gum? You certainly can, and we’re going to document them for you today.


But hang on just a second. Don’t go thinking that chewing gum is your be-all, end-all solution to getting healthy. It isn’t, and there are plenty of downsides to doing it on an all-too-regular basis. That said, here are some great reasons why chewing on a stick of gum can benefit you in a positive way.

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Stress & Anxiety Reliever

It is believed that chewing gum has all sorts of benefits when it comes to relieving stress and anxiety. It’s also a great way of substituting for nervous habits. While chewing gum has become somewhat taboo in educational establishments, that’s starting to change. Some schools encourage their students to chew gum in order to increase their concentration levels.

Improves Oral Health

It would appear that by chewing gum, you’re improving your oral health in all sorts of ways. By chewing gum, you increase the amount of saliva you create. This is the most important protective element of your oral cavity, helping to promote oral health. However, this is very dependent on the type of gum you decide to chew. If you go for something with high sugar content, you might actually create the opposite effect.

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Reduces Acid Reflux/Heartburn

Those who are required to abide by a GERD diet for their acid reflux symptoms might well have come across this. Chewing gum helps to reduce acid in the esophagus due to increased saliva production and an abundance of swallowing. This is also very helpful for those who suffer from heartburn-related issues, too.

It Might Help You Manage Your Weight Better

There are no guarantees here, but chewing gum might actually help you to manage your weight more effectively. It’s quite simple, really; chewing gum could help to reduce your cravings for snacks that are higher in calories. Gum contains very low amounts of calories, so you’re not going to put on too many pounds by chewing it. In fact, you might even burn calories through the act of chewing.


It’s A Memory Booster

There have been a variety of tests over the years that would appear to show that chewing gum has plenty of memory benefits. Concentration and reaction times appear to be boosted through the act of chewing on a stick of gum. In fact, there’s a lot of potential benefits here, and it’s thought that this is due to the increased blood flow to the brain. Who’d have thought that you could get all that from the act of chewing?

Fights Bacteria To Eliminate Bad Breath

Hey, we can’t leave this one out of the list, can we?! There’s a list of chewing gum brands on the market that work to fight bacteria in the mouth. You need to find these brands if you want to improve breath odor, as some only work to mask it. Is it a health benefit? I don’t know – but it’s certainly an important use for chewing gum!

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