February 16, 2017

Try a Different Gift Approach: Make It Personal

 Finding the perfect gift can seem like a project of overwhelming proportion. Do you have a friend that you need to buy a gift for that already seems to have everything under the sun? Do you know someone taking a big next step in his or her life such as a wedding or a graduation? Taking it to a personal level is the best option to give a gift that wows—and the best part is you don’t even have to spend a fortune! Personal gifts are the ones that are remembered forever. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Custom Cake Toppers: You might want to check with the bride and groom first if you really expect this present to make it on top of their cake, but custom wedding cake toppers can add a cute, unique element to any couple’s wedding cake. Even if these don’t end up on top of cake, they can be great keepsakes for the newlyweds.


Photo Quilts: This is an awesome gift that is both functional and has sentimental value. You can pick out the photos you want to use and then order the quilt Online. The only drawback to photo quilts is that you’ll have to get a hold of a number of pictures that relate to your intended giftee. If you want to keep it a secret, you can often employ family or friends to raid their photo boxes.

Hint: Of course you need not stick to using a quilt… there are many great products out there now where companies will include your personal photos.


Engravings: One great way to make almost any item personal is to include a well-chosen quote or a personal message. You can include this on any item that has the room to be engraved. Photo frames are a great option. Plus you can go the extra mile by including a great photo and a personal message.


Keepsakes: If you did something special with a friend like going on a great travel adventure, make a gift out of something from that trip. It can be anything from a map or silly item that means something to both of you that you picked up while traveling. Frame it and include some messages about the fun things you did. People always need reminders of the great times!


Take these basic ideas and then be creative! Your friend will appreciate your extra effort and you are sure to enjoy the process more than you would if you were just shopping for a humdrum gift.

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