February 21, 2017

True about Ketchup

Ketchup was made in China and as first was used to fishes. Now ketchup is commonly used nearly every day for sandwiches, salads, chips. Looking at so frequently use of ketchup is born question: is it healthy? Can we eat it every day? Is it safe for our kids?

Answer is that classic ketchup is very healthy, because it contains: tomato paste, sugar, vinegar, salt, onion. Real ketchup doesn’t need preservatives, because it’s pasteurized. Also it has lycopene which comes from tomatoes. Lycopene is more bio-available in tomatoes during cooking! What is lycopene? It’s great antioxidant which prevents our organism from cancer and free radicals responsible for many diseases and faster agening!

In shops we can see many red bottles, so how to choose this one, real ketchup? At first you should look at components (in first place is ingredient which occurs in greatest number), because in cheap ketchup you can find in first place water, later potato flour, pigments and sodium benzoate as preservative. This ketchup with water in first place must have added preservatives, because in the water environment  fast will grow up bacteria.

Summary ketchup is healthy, can be eaten every day, but only if is good quality with tomato paste at first place!

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