February 25, 2017

Top Twenty Make Up Ideas

Make Up IdeasI like make up so i want to share my  make up ideas with you. Below are my top 20 make up ideas and tips.

Warm tones: Turn your favourite eyeshadow colour into a slight warmer shade for winter.Tone it down by mixing in a little brown. This will deepen the colour without changing it too much.


Mermaid magic: It’s bold,glamorous and a little unexpected.The season’s filled with grape,violet and mauve options that add the extra drama to your eyes.Don’t get intimidated by eye makeup; play up the rich bold colours. Go for simply wet glossy eyes with sophisticated claret lips.


Smoke effect: The key to the smoky eyes effect is proper blending. Metallic and grey will help you pull off a good show. Go for smudging and blending. Keep the skin mat or nude for this look.


Dark show: Get the Kirsten Stewart effect. Dark, smudgy eyes created by using charcoal textures and a hint of colour add a good dose of drama. For this look, keep the skin and lips comparatively pale.


Lash wonder: Give your lashes your favourite coloured mascara coat. Keep working the lash wand onto your lashes until they look dark and feathery. There’s no rule about matching your eye colour to your lashes—just flow with what you feel.


Colour check: Ditch your black eyeliner and dig out the blue, green and lavender ones. Run them over your lash lines and smudge them with a cotton swab to give a pop-effect to eyes.


Stop the fake: No more use of fake eyelashes as they get compensated by shaded dark pencils at the outer corner of the eye line.


Brow power: Strong and defined brows make their way onto the runway.The trend demands that you flaunt some thick shaped fuller brows. Use a soft brow pencil and fill the inner corners and tail ends of your eyebrows with lighter strokes. Run an eyebrow brush over the entire length of the brows to blend the colour.


Paint the town red: Get polished for the fall. Go sexy with the brightest red. Think of blood red or post box colour for inspiration. Acid pink velvety textured lips will also put up a strong show against nude faces. Dab lipstick on to your lips with your finger to get a stained finish that looks more flattering than an opaque layer of colour.


Try some beige: The lacquers of beige with hints of bronze are interesting colours on this fall’s palette. You can go beige on your lips, nails and eyes all at the same time. “If in doubt, do up a lip. And a perfectly lined, exorbitantly coloured one at that,” say make-up experts


Go nude: Welcome the pale skin with its natural hints. Your skin has to look extremely flawless, so it’s time to invest in a good foundation. Use a skin primer to even out your skin tone. A highlighter may turn out to be a perfect option for that ramp walk finish.


Peach perfect: If you wish to avoid the girlie look, try for the peach. Soft peach hues go well with all skin tones and hair colours. Use a peach base and pair it with a matte eye shadow and lip gloss.



Mineral effect: Try some satiny effect with mineral make-up. It not only hides the flaws but also acts as a nourishing agent.


Sweat control: When you’re dancing under hot lights during New Year’s Eve, sweating is bound to happen. Wear a powder that blends invisibly, smoothing out the imperfections.


Curly bob: Curly bobs have made their appearance straight into this season. Its high maintenance efforts demand you to save it only for those special occasions.


Extra locks: The secret to adding an instant edge to your looks is hair extensions. Use them as highlights that peek through when you turn your head. Hair mascara can also be an alternative option.


Pixie-Dixie: The effortless play of texture is the key to the pixie look. The side swept bangs soften the overall appearance bringing more attention to your face.


Bob catch: Go ultra short with the chic bob. An angled bob (longer at the sides and shorter at the back with no crown layering) works up your sexy quotient brilliantly.


Long & mighty: Shoulder-length black hair with bright red highlights, adds variations in the oomph.The slight messy effect makes it a hot clubbing hairdo. The rule goes simple—the lengthier the mightier!


Feel re-mixed: Get the feelgood factor by smelling good. Try mixing up a few fragrances and

create a completely new blend for the winter.


Matched up: Try matching your eyes with your dress. So, if you’re wearing a turquoise dress, try

out the same colour for your eyes. The matching effect will look attractive without appearing too glaring.


Get arty: The New year is all about creative indulgences. Draw inspiration from ancient and Byzantine empires and get yourself inked. Get flamboyant and innovative and flaunt your own tattoo.


Shimmer over: Sex up your body with shimmer powder. Apply some moisturiser on your legs,

arms and shoulders and then swirl on the shimmer powder and get a flushed effect.


Nail call: Get your girl fix with lavenders and lilacs. Lime, olive green and navy blues all work great. Paint a shade in half-moon shape at the base and do the remaining in a different hue. You can also alternate your favourite lacquers on each fingers.


Author  Jackie Anderson, run a website on converse shoes

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