February 16, 2017

Top 7 Obstacles to your Everyday Workout

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What is your excuse for not working out daily? When the bathroom scales screams “one at a time please!” when you climb on them, it is time to pack up all excuses, pick up those dumbbells and get into a routine. There are other ‘obstacles’ as well to overcome but strictly speaking they are mere excuses. But let’s start with the biggest obstacle.


There is nothing in this world that cannot be achieved if one possesses this trait. Probably the contrary is more of a truth. Nothing can be achieved if one doesn’t have the self-discipline. Steel your mind into pushing the body into motion, thereby conquering that inertia which requires the maximum energy. Once that is done, the rest will fall into a routine automatically and you will find ways of overcoming every other obstacle on the way. Keep telling your mind that you will workout 15 minutes everyday till that routine gets down your sub-conscious self.


The dictator which rules all our lives will often order you against doing the routine. Keep him in his place by not letting him control what you want to do. If you have sufficient self-discipline, this is a task easily achieved. Allocate the quarter or half hour and tell yourself that “I’ll rather skip my favorite program on the idiot box than missing my daily routine” In one week, you will certainly find time to do both.


Definitely an obstacle especially for those living in urban concrete jungles. But it is not very difficult to overcome by doing some minor modifications in the layout of your bedroom or bathroom if it is large enough. Simple exercising equipment like adjustable dumbbells or even a small home-gym that can be folded out and pushed under the bed can be accommodated surely.


Can this be more important than fitness? This is again an easy excuse but it is actually a crutch to lean on. There is no gift greater than the gift of health. So don’t spare that penny but spend it wisely on buying some simple workout equipment to start with and you can think about allocating more out of the monthly budget to acquire more sophisticated equipment later on.


Must rank as the poorest of the obstacle, for example, it may require all the will power to get out of bed on a cold day. Again not an insurmountable problem if you let the routine sink into the sub-conscious such that the workout ‘happens’ just like brushing your teeth.


A nagging problem which might send you in circles; because to be fit you need to exercise. The best way to overcome this is to start with simple routines which would loosen up the body and as you become more flexible, slowly you will feel fit enough to take on more.


The modern-day temptress which has become a part of our lives and she can be addictive and is often the reason for people becoming couch potatoes. If one is disciplined enough, this obstacle can be overcome either by allocating that half hour from elsewhere or strictly adhering to a routine in which television viewing too has an allocated time slot.


  1. One famous issue that people tend to get caught up in is the famous work / life mis-balance and where their working hours out weigh their play / down time hours. This is a dangerous place to be in and can do bad things for your own well-being.

  2. Tess Mathews says:

    Absolutely, Fluto. I would say, this is rather an illusion. If you workout, practically, you’ll perform more actively at your work and your productivity improves. That, in turn, results in less time spent for work – more for your life. People just have to start.

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