February 21, 2017

Top 10 Home Remedies – An Extensive List

Knowing the top home remedies for common pains, aches and other health concerns can help you live a healthier and more comfortable life. Many people reach for pills whenever they feel signs of pain coming. If you experience joint or muscle and headaches among other medical conditions that causes you discomfort, you do not have to turn to over-the-counter pills all the time. You can always depend on home remedies to ease your pain. What makes home remedies suitable for many people is the fact that they are natural and readily available. Recent studies released through health news channels reveals that over-the-counter medication results to more complications when used in treating simple pain and aches in the body. This has made many people turn to home remedies for relieving pain.

Among the best top ten home remedies used to treat common pains aches and other health concerns include;

Chamomile Tea

  1. Apple cider vinegar: This home remedy is a common ingredient in the kitchens of many homes. However, many people do not know that it can work in relieving pain. It can be used in relieving heart burn discomfort. Flea bites on humans has become a common issues these days. Applying ACV paste on the affected area can help relieve the discomfort and make lives easier for you, and your family. Flea bites can become itchy and result into rashes, if not treated in the very first stage. Hence, using Apple Cider Vinegar for treating flea bites is a good preventive measure.
  2. Green tea: This is another natural remedy that can be used from home. It can be substituted for antihistamines. People with allergic attacks do not have to turn to antihistamines whenever allergic reactions strike. They can use this home remedy instead of these strong prescriptions. Medical prescriptions for allergic reactions weaken the immune system when used regularly. To avoid this, it is advisable to use home remedies such as green tea in treating allergic reactions. Just take two or three cups of green tea when you experience allergic attack then wait for a natural reaction to take place. Green tea also protects you from cardiovascular illnesses and certain strains of cancer. It also prevents hypertension while lowering your blood pressure. In addition, it speeds up the rate at which your body recovers after experiencing a heart attack.
  3. Natural oils: Peppermint or lavender oil are very effective home remedies for headache. They can be applied on the temple or on the neck whenever someone feels a headache coming. Sniffing the aroma of this home remedy can also reduce pain that results from headache. Clove oil is natural oil that can be used in treating toothaches. If you experience a shooting pain in the gums you can reach for this oil. Just place it on the aching tooth or gum.
  4. Cayenne pepper: This kitchen ingredient adds spice and sizzle in foods. However, it has a soothing effect when used as a home remedy for cut body parts. It can also be sprinkled on cut areas stopping bleeding immediately while easing pain as well.
  5. Honey and lemon tea: Honey and lemon tea are a good home remedy for people who experience sore throats. If your job requires you to keep talking then sore throats is a common problem to you. Gargling salt water in your throat followed by a cup of tea made of honey and lemon will ease sore throat pain.
  6. Flaxseed: This home remedy is very effective for women experiencing discomfort during their menopausal stage. This remedy is very effective for hot flashes that are very common among women during their menopausal stage. Adding 1.4 ounces of this seed in the food helps in relieving pain that result from menopausal symptoms.
  7. Chamomile tea: Drinking one cup or even two cups of chamomile tea while having digestive problems can help in relieving discomfort. This home remedy relaxes spasms in the stomach.
  8. Honey, potato and mustard: These natural remedies are suitable for use in treating burns. Instead of rubbing toothpaste on burnt parts of the body, use a mixture of these ingredients. Honey acts as an antibacterial, potato slice sooth the burn while mustard helps in doubling up the burn salve.
  9. Turmeric: Turmeric is an effective home remedy. It helps in relieving pain which results from joint injuries and arthritis. A few tablespoons of this product will work miracles when added to curry dish or meat. Turmeric can also cure flea bites on human very effectively, as it acts as a flea resistant substance.
  10. Tart Cherry: Juice from Tart cherry is very effective in treating muscle pains. If you are feeling drained and worn out after work, you can use this juice in relieving muscle aches. Juice from tart cherry helps in not only relieving pain, but helping sore muscles recover as well. It also has important anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Why use the top 10 home remedies

Using home remedies whenever you or a loved one experience aches and pains has a lot of health benefits. One of the major benefits of using home remedies is the fact that they are readily available. You will realize that one or more of these home remedies are readily available to you. Even if you do not find them in your local area, you will find them in online outlets. This makes them suitable for use from your home.

Their preparation is also easy. You either use them to make tea, sprinkle on the food or use them while preparing meals. Thus, you do not have to take hours in preparing medication for you or a loved one. Another benefits is the fact that they are natural. When you use them in treating various medical conditions you avoid risking possible side effects. Majority of over-the-counter medications in use today are always accompanied by mild or severe side effects. However, these top 10 home remedies are natural and they do not have side effects when used properly.

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