February 15, 2017

Too Much Exercise Widens Muscle Tear

Exercise is good for you. Doing exercise boosts your mood, gives you more energy, promotes weight loss and better sleep. It will improve your health,  social life and wellbeing.

When starting an exercise program, there is a tendency to think that, because doing something that is good for us, that doing more of it, is better. To a certain extent this holds true. As your fitness level increases, you will need to alter your exercise (e.g. frequency, time and/or intensity). Altering your exercise gradually will make sure you are still working your body more than it is used to.  Making your exercise too difficult, or increasing the difficulty too soon, and before you are ready, might make you feel sick, and you might begin to dislike exercising, therefore lose the motivation to continue.

Suppose you did intensive abdominal training yesterday that caused your ab muscles to look more defined.  It is no wonder that people would tend to be under the impression that doing the same, or more, today will make them look even better. But, this mentality completely ignores the way that muscle exercises actually work.

Muscle building is not a simple body process.  First, you have to cause some kind of damage to your muscles to get them to rebuild themselves.  Your muscles get more defined with exercise because every time they are worked they develop small tears.  Then, you have to rest the muscles so they have a chance to rebuild and become stronger, and this does not happen immediately. Lastly, you need to fuel the body with the right kinds of nutrients, food reach with proteins, fruits and vegetables, carbohydrates, good oils, fiber, drink water, milk, yogurt, antioxidant tea … etc.

If you don’t allow your body to rest, all you are doing is allowing the tears in the muscles to widen.  By allowing the tears to widen to a great extent, you will find the muscle becomes useless and can be easily injured.

With proper exercise program and proper body recovery you will reduce widening muscle tear and get all benefits from exercises.


By Absinaminute


  1. Sahl @HumorTechBlog says:

    yes, I totally agree with you, Too much exercise would only cause damage,
    everything has to be done intelligently


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