February 15, 2017

Tips For How To Successfully Recover After A Liposuction

Although liposuction has been seen as the best way to get rid of excess fat cells that do not dissipate during regular exercise or dieting, most people are still overly concerned with the recovery process. Their anticipation may be quick results as well as recovery, but this might not always be the case. The reason behind this is that recovery period is highly dependent on the surgery technique used, body part that is undergoing treatment but also the patient’s behaviour after the procedure.

If you decide to undergo such a cosmetic surgery, expect to witness side effects including: scars, pain, laxity, swelling and bruises. But don’t worry, there are many things you can do to ensure your body fights them and your recovery is successful. Your physician should guide you through the process and what you should do after the surgery procedure. Moreover, the physician will administer analgesic and antibiotic drugs that will help your body fight pain and infections. The rest is up to you, and here are some of the things that will definitely help.

Sufficient intake of healthy fluids

Mostly, you will find out that post cosmetic surgery care after liposuction involves intake of healthy fluids including health concoctions, water and juices. Essentially, keeping your body hydrated at all times is quite helpful in skin rejuvenation from inside out. Additionally, it implies that your body will be able to flush toxins out of your body system. This in the end will help the affected body part recover quickly.

Wear a proper medical compression garment

Most physicians associate wearing the garment with swelling minimization, improvement in blood circulation and adequate support and comfort on the affected area. In fact, improvement of blood circulation ensures that the body has the ability to flush harmful fluids out quickly which is essential for faster healing. In addition, it ensures that the skin fits to the new body shape without skin sagging. Therefore, ensure that the skin garment that you use is designed specifically for the affected body part.

Proper nutrition

Proper nutrition is essential in promoting quick recovery and to achieve the best results after liposuction. Therefore, you should seek to cut down sodium rich foods as well as those rich in saturated fat. In fact, nutritionists advise liposuction patients to eat salmon and other fish because their meat is rich in omega-3 fats that assist the body in fighting inflamed body cells. Additionally, they advise patients to take foods such as: vegetables, low fat dairy products, green tea, low glycemic load carbohydrates, beans, whole grains, lentils, fruits and eggs. Such foods will ensure that the body maintains a suitable metabolic rate because they are rich in nutrients. The foods you should avoid include: sugar, pastries, high glycemic load carbohydrates, desserts, pasta, bread, white rice and potatoes.

Proper workouts

In order for the procedure to reap the desired results, it is important for you to consider including proper regime of workout one month after the cosmetic surgery. However, you will need to respect your body and accept your limitations before going for a particular exercise. Additionally, consult your surgeon for proper advice on exercise after surgery. Therefore, you should start with those with low intensity but after a month and depending on your body you can return to higher impact workouts. This will help you achieve the best results because if proper care is not taken weight compensation will occur.

Lifestyle change

Lifestyle change is also necessary for faster recovery after liposuction. Therefore, you should make alterations to your normal habits in order to eradicate negative ones and to develop healthier ones. For instance, you should stop imbibing your body with alcoholic drinks. Additionally, for better results you should ensure that you observe a healthy diet and a workout routine as aforementioned.

Final Thoughts

Success and satisfaction after a liposuction goes a long way with being disciplined, focused and motivated towards achieving your ultimate goal. Otherwise, your body will be more apt to realize weight gain in areas of your body that were not previously problematic. Essentially, liposuction alongside a healthy diet and exercise remains one of the best ways to contour your body and remove excess body fats.


  1. Ashley Reed says:

    I like that you promote healthy living with liposuction. Sometimes people think that it’s just a solution that they can keep doing. It should be a last resort after healthy living, or a boost to start living well.

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