February 22, 2017

Tips and Information about Far Infrared Saunas

Far infrared saunas are new technologies that focus on using the same type of rays that the sun emits for health purposes. These machines are ideal for a variety of health and wellness needs, no matter what you might be looking for. These saunas can help all kinds of people to relax, feel better, and even get rid of pain and exfoliate the skin. This type of treatment is available in spas all over the place, making it easily accessible for anyone who wants to try it. These saunas cost about $1000 to buy, so it is something that is easily more affordable to do at the spa.

Far infrared saunas are the latest in healthcare technology and natural healing solutions. So many day spas offer this treatment because it helps increase their business and gives customers more options for the treatments that they need. If you are in the market for a great sauna treatment, you need to consider this option where you can enjoy the heat and light at the same time, allowing your body to be rid of toxins while you relax and enjoy the warmth.

There are a lot of different scientific theories behind the use of far infrared saunas. Essentially, the rays from the sun that feel warm, even on cool days, are far infrared rays. Using that technology, they have created a machine that can help people with many different health benefits and relaxing treatments in the spa setting. While these devices are available to purchase, they are much more popular in a spa environment where people can pay by the session instead of investing so much money into one simple piece of health equipment. At the spa, ask about this treatment and try it for yourself to see what it can do for you.

Far infrared saunas are still quite new and they have been accused of being unsafe. However, as long as the sauna has purified rays that are within a 4-14 micron level, it is safe for you to be exposed to and reap the rewards. This is nothing like a tanning bed, because the goal is not to create a nice glow on your skin. The goal is to use the heat rays to remove toxins and purify your body, giving you a sense of rejuvenation. Take the time to read up on these saunas and the health benefits that they can offer you.



Brant writes about how the Far infrared saunas provides seven times more effective detoxification than traditional saunas and are the only infrared technology with clinical data shown to reduce blood pressure, increase core temperature and aid in weight loss.


  1. Infrared home saunas use special far infrared heaters to penetrate directly into the body, without the use of steam. The far infrared rays penetrate up to 1.5 inches into the body, heating the core as well as the surface of the body at much lower temperatures (up to 130°F). FIR saunas can be used in smaller, more portable freestanding enclosures, making home installations easier and less expensive. Another plus is that infrared or FIR saunas operate at a much more cost-effective rate, costing only pennies per hour in energy consumption. They are generally more hygienic and sanitary.

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