February 21, 2017

Three Working Alternatives to the Traditional Healthcare Model

Much has been said about the state of health care in the United States over the past few years. While everybody thinks they have a way to fix it, everybody can agree that there is a problem. If you’ve been to the doctor recently, you likely have experienced the problems with health care first hand. Between waiting hours to see your doctor, outrageous medical costs, and millions of uninsured people, the problem is a big one.


Many people simply don’t know that there are options and alternatives available to the traditional, failing healthcare model. It’s possible to see a doctor without waiting for an entire afternoon, and it’s possible to be able to afford your medicine. If you’re curious as to what some of those alternatives are, check out this article as I will discuss them.

Medical Tourism 

With everything that’s been going on in the healthcare field over the last decade or so, many people have resorted to something that’s been referred to as “medical tourism”. Medical tourism is exactly as it sounds: going to another country in search of more affordable healthcare options.

In some cases, medical procedures in other countries can be 30 to 90 percent cheaper than they are stateside. For those that are paying out-of-pocket for these services, those savings are tremendous.

For those seeking to have a procedure done in another country, navigating through the loopholes can be tough. Many people opt to use a third party facilitator to help them “book” their procedure, as this takes a lot of the hassle out of seeking treatment abroad. If you ever consider medical tourism, seriously consider using a third party facilitator, and make sure that in doing so you use someone reputable.

Concierge Medicine

Concierge medicine goes by a number of names, and is quickly growing as a solid alternative to the traditional healthcare model. In the concierge healthcare model, you get comprehensive primary care that will cost more than the traditional healthcare model. It costs more because the level of service you receive is far superior than what you’re likely used to.

Doctors that participate in concierge medicine charge their patients directly, thus reducing the third party costs and allowing them to take on only a select number of patients. Thus, you’ll never find yourself sitting in a waiting room for two hours only to finally meet your doctor for 5 minutes. Instead, you’ll have much more personalized care and a doctor that is always available to you.

In the concierge medicine model, healthcare becomes a lot more personal. You’ll feel less like a number in a database and more like an actual person, which is important to your mental health when dealing with medical issues. If you’ve ever felt like the level of attention you received from your traditional healthcare provider is subpar, you might want to consider a concierge health care plan.

Medical Discount Savings Card 

A medical discount savings card is another choice that’s popular for those attempting to avoid being a part of the traditional healthcare model. After applying for and becoming approved for a medical discount savings card, you’ll have access to discounted medical rates amongst the network that you’re in. Savings range from discounts on doctors visits, lab tests, pharmacy services, and hospital visits. Some cards even offer discounts of up to 85% on some services.

Typically with a medical discount savings card, you’ll pay an application fee and then a set monthly fee based on the level of service you wish to receive. With a medical discount savings card, there are typically no restrictions when it comes to pre-existing conditions. People use medical discount savings cards both on their own, and as a supplement to a traditional health insurance plan with a high deductible.

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