February 21, 2017

The Non-Diet, Diet – Lose Weight And Gain Confidence With This New-Old Approach


There is so much pressure, not only from outsiders but from ourselves to loose weight, stay trim, exercise, etc; etc. Then of course, those who are trying lose a little body fat turn to strange dieting habits, the latest in workout equipment, videos, or pills to get rid of it. Problem is, that all of the extra time and money that people invest in all that stuff could be better spent on doing nothing more than a change of habit.


The Rising Star of Dieting Trends:

There is no doubt that most of us have heard “You are what you eat”. Well, the actual saying should be, “You are what you think.” According to tests executed in Hertfordshire, England people who have broken away from their daily routines are able to make clearer choices about their everyday habits pertaining to what they eat and how they exercise. The tests that were run encouraged participants of different personality types to act in the opposite of that trait. Dr. Ben Fletcher, a psychologist at Hertfordshire University had conducted this study and several months afterward, had found that the people involved had lost up to 11 pounds each.

How The Non-Dieters Did It:

Just in case you’re wondering how several people were able to lose 11 pounds a piece, keep it off and even lose a total 30 more pounds in the process, here’s a little insight. The idea behind the non-diet diet system is all psychological. A book written by psychotherapist, Doris Wild Helmering explains the concept of losing weight through reprograming our minds. We can think ourselves into or out of any situation we choose. For example, one of the sections of this book discusses that we should not “watch what we eat”, but what we “say”.

DietThe book then goes on to supply examples such as, if it is wrong for us to say unkind things to other people, then why is talking about our own shortcomings any better? You wouldn’t call someone else a “Fatso” to their face, so why call yourself one? It also inspires people not use the “probably” forms of words; like “Hope” or “Planning”. We need to be more assertive when telling others about our dreams and desires. Words like “Will” and “When” are usually the preferred inserts.

Eating To The Oldies:

To finalize this article, there is another concept that concludes that those of us who eat in restaurants that play music with a fast rhythm are more likely to put on more pounds, because our bodies aren’t aware of our actions. That is to say, if you’re eating to MegaDeath or Metallica, then your mind doesn’t have time to tell the rest of you that you’ve taken in your fill. It is suggested that eating to slower tempos, or more relaxing music aids in the digestion process, therefore making it easier for your body to acknowledging its intake capacity. After all, it is kind of hard to be “Dancing on the Ceiling” with a Big Mac and fries in you hands.


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