February 22, 2017

Is Facebook healthy? – Facebook depression

Doctors have added “Facebook depression” to the list of potential diseases associated with social media, referring to the fact that there are obsessed teens who spend much time on the website.

However, so far still can not agree whether this is only part of the depression that some children feel during puberty or the condition that caused excessive “consumption” internet content on social networks of insecure teenagers.

However, the claim that certainly affects the children who have a low threshold of self-confidence. It’s what their friends published an interesting status, and photos of happy people who have fun for some children it can cause to think that they can not compete with others.

Such experiences are much more painful than sitting in a full school canteen or some other everyday events that may dismay some of the children. Especially because it distorts the real picture of Facebook, depressed children may not see the facial expression of children who put their status or image and therefore not really evaluate whether or not to tell the truth, whether act as thy are or thy are really happy.

Therefore, doctors recommend that parents talk with their children to be aware of Facebook depression, internet bullies, sexual correspondence, and other Internet risks.

“If someone really does not have many friends and not really achieve anything in life, and see the status of other people and pictures where they have fun with friends, I can understand why becoming depressed. It is one big popularity contest. Who can get the most requests for friendship or files on which they will be labeled, “said a 16-year-old researchers.

However, the researchers point out: “Much of what happens on Facebook is actually a very healthy, but may go too far and we should educate their children properly.”

It is interesting that Facebook was initially a social site for Harvard students, and it all started by the guys from the year-old girl evaluated. However, now enjoys tremendous popularity, and those who are skilled enough allows themselves to become “popular” among their friends and to express themselves through status, notes, photos, videos and the like.

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  1. So the conclusion is that parents should parent!! What a novel and noble idea


  2. Soma smith says:

    I like your post that too much addiction of social networking sites like facebook also having negative effects on healthy well being of any individual.

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