February 21, 2017

Stop Smoking Programs: Help for Smokers Quit Smoking

Stop smoking programs help smokers quit smoking, however each person do not really have a compatibility with a single program, in short the program varies for each person. Some only rely on a single program, while some combine two programs most likely because a single program could not entirely help them from quitting smoking. Without having a formal program, only at about 5% of the smokers who attempt to quit smoking succeed.

So it is really wise to seek help from a stop smoking programs.

Like any other things or habits that you want to quit, it is most essential that you have  a program to back up your plan to quit it, and achieve the desired results. Like dieting for example, if you are not backing it up with exercise or you are not forbidding yourself from eating excessively you will not be successful.
There are a lot of stop smoking programs / quit smoking programs available on the internet or even at your local community. Inside your community there might be some groups and organizations that provide counseling for those who want to quit smoking. Get yourself as much help as possible for you to be able to entirely quit smoking.
Some of these programs are free while some requires money for you to be able to participate. Though we say money is involved, it will be much cheaper than having to buy a pack of cigarette each and every day.

Nicotine Replacement Treatments

Of all the known stop smoking programs, Nicotine replacement treatments or NRT’s are the most recognizable and mostly the primary choice of smokers. The treatments include, nicotine gums, transdermal patches, nicotine nasal spray and inhalers. The problem with nicotine replacement is that, nicotine is very addictive, and you are not really taking the nicotine out of your body, rather you are just replacing it with another form of nicotine.

Herbal Stop Smoking Products

Herbal stop smoking products are natural supplements that will help you with your nicotine addiction. These herbal stop smoking herbs, help you decrease your cravings for nicotine.

Aversion Therapy

Aversion therapy is when a smoker self administers a mild electric shock from a normal 9 volt battery as he or she smokes a cigarette. Most pharmaceutical companies today are reluctant to add an aversion therapy option to their helpful products.

Cold Turkey

Cold turkey is the abrupt quitting of smoking, without forethought or preparations nor a gradual decrease in the amount smoked. Also, it is mostly referred to as quitting smoking without the help of any smoking cessation medications of any sort.


Gradual reduction in the amount smoked

Gradual reduction in the amount smoked is a method which the smoker gradually decreases the amount of his nicotine intake every day. This method can be done in four different ways: The first is by repeated changes to cigarette with lower levels of nicotine contents. The second is by slowly reducing the amount of cigarette smoked each day. Third is by smoking only a fraction of a cigarette each time lighting up and the last is by applying NicoBloc drops on the cigarette filter which absorbs up to 99% of tar and nicotine.Each of these method’s results varies with each person, for better results seek your doctor for any help.


  1. hi

    a LOT of it has to do with mindset…

    here in South Africa, we offer a product that requires very little willpower – yet most people are simply not ready to give it up…

    even though they know the risks…



  2. Vernita says:

    It’s the same intelligence that is keeping your heart beating right now. We know that if someone is a smoker they are more likely to develop lung cancer, emphysema, and will have a shorter life span than those who do not smoke. Every smoker knows that smoking is the worst thing that you can do for your health, so giving up will allow you to feel a sense of peacefulness that you wouldn’t otherwise get to feel.

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