February 16, 2017

Spring solstice

21 March starts beautiful period- Spring in which all will wake up, we will have new, fresh power, days will be longer and brighter. But after winter organism is very weak, tired, sleepy, also it’s easy to get bacterial or virus infection. ¬†Organism needs much more time to adapt in new conditions. After long time spent mostly at home during winter, after long, early, cold, winter evenings, now we are full of energy for walking. So we have to know how to prevent from sickness.

1. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Also recommended are frosted vegetables. Try to have in every your meal some fruit and vegetable. It’s easy- put tomato in sandwich, drink homemade orange juice, take natural yogurt with banana, prepare salads for dinner. Than you will deliver many vitamins which you need now.

2. From herbs you can try to take Echinacea or Panax Ginseng. They are great for immunity. But before best is to consult with pharmacist or doctor; especially be careful during taking another medicines to prevent from interactions.

3. Sleep around 8 hours. During sleeping organism regenerates and you will have more energy.

4. Open window to have always fresh air at home.

5. Avoid people with infections, after coming back, wash hands.

6. Start moving- try bicycling, swimming or dancing, f.e. bellydance- great activities for women. Bellydance relaxes muscles, than you will feel less painful menstruations, it improves also shape of hips, bottoms, tights. Walking in park- it’s great idea to spend active time on fresh air with family. 10 minutes outside on sun is enough to create vitamin D by our organism.

7. Always before going out check temperature and weather. Than you can choose proper clothes.

Spring is so wonderful period outside and inside. Not only trees becomes green, but also our hearts and souls work with new energy. It’s a pity to waste time on diseases :)
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