February 22, 2017

Spring Program part 4

This is last and shortest part of spring program. After activities, modified diet and neat skin it’s time for something for soul. :) Simple, but often forgotten.

Don’t forget about:

– good book, start reading; reading develops imaginations. Instead of evening TV, read some interesting story.

– optimism,

– smile,

– your friends,

– help to your neighbor.

WBS Team wishes You great spring outside and inside!


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  1. Beautiful Site. Found your site through NB. Following you now.

  2. Thank You very much for so positive comment :) It’s really important for me to know that somebody likes.

  3. sugeng prajitno says:

    i like your blog

  4. Thank You :)

  5. Its hard to stay optimistic at time but just remember….there is always someone else worse off than you lol

  6. Yes, it’s hard at time, but always is good time to try :) Especially spring can be great moment when we see so many colors through window.

  7. Like your site lots of good info. Like the spring set I started following


  8. Thank You Jim for nice words :)

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