February 21, 2017

Spring Program part 2-Food

Best pill is our food, that’s why it should be good selected and high quality. Don’t eat whatever, from your food depend your health and mood. Spring is also good moment to modify diet, because in green shops are wider choice vegetables and fruits. With proper diet you can deliver all necessary vitamins! Really you don’t need supplements which are so expensive. Best, highest absorption vitamins and minerals is from food, not from supplements.

Advice what to change:

1. Eat 5 meals per day! Eating oftener, summary you will eat less. When you eat only 2 or 3 meals, you will become hungry, than in next occasion you will eat too many. Also important is that eating 5 meals, we keep constant concentration of glucose in blood and we don’t feel hunger.

2. Eat breakfast. Don’t let to go out with empty stomach. Breakfast is first meal during day which delivers big power of energy. You need this energy everywhere! Also your brain needs glucose from food to work, then you will have better concentration. In joke we say that “hungry Polish- angry Polish”. But it’s true- how to keep great mood during stomach is calling for food.

Care about your breakfast. Take food which will keep you full longer time. Don’t forget about milk or diary. It’s important for our bones and connected with this- osteoporosis. Prevent from osteoporosis should be started as fast as possible.

That’s why best for breakfast is milk with cereals or natural yogurt with whole groins cereals. Don’t buy sweet, colorful cereals with fillings inside. They contain too much sugar and fast you will become again hungry.  Choose milk 1,5 % or 2% fat.

Next eat f.e. whole groins bread with butter, lettuce, tomato and small piece of meat or cheese. You can eat 1 egg per week.

This breakfast is only example, but it’s rich in vitamins and minerals, you will not be hungry and can start obligation as job and school.

3. Second breakfast. During this meal you need less calories than first breakfast. It’s important to eat this in break between breakfast and lunch. After 3,4 hours from first meal, you can feel hungry. Prepare at home in morning something easy, useful, simple to eat and comfortable. This can be sandwich with vegetables or take yogurt from home, inside put some fruits and meal is ready.

4. Lunch. This meal is most important, it’s eaten mostly as warm and is composed from soup and meat with f.e. rise, potatoes, groats. Many people forget about salads.

Most popular mistakes:

a) putting inside soup flour with sour cream to have little white color.  Try to change this and put inside also little flour (better to not put, but if you really like, OK put :)) with milk or yogurt. Soup will have less calories. Or instead traditional soup, prepare cream from vegetables, it will be dense without flour. For cream you need only blender.

b) don’t put inside soup synthetic cubes, maggi. There is only sodium glutamate.  Use only herbs and natural spices. Natrium in diet is danger, because it’s first step to get hypertension. We can eat only 6g salt per day. People eat too much salt- even 16g per day! In salt is rich bread, chips, nachos, salty nuts. Limit your salt and products rich in salt. Best is to not put salt on tomato, into salads.

c) don’t cook too long rise, noodles. Better to let as al dente and thanks this we will not become fast hungry as after long cooked.

d) not changed oil during frying. Oil must be changed. Don’t keep in misk used oil. Burnt oil contains danger substances. Use only fresh oil for every frying. By the way, it’s better to limit also frying and start to eat baked, cooked meat.

e) forgetting about salads. Try to prepare nice looking salads, because they are as vitamins bomb. Into salads put one spoon of oilve oil, than vitamins A and E will absorb. Salad which kids like is from carrot and apple. Grate carrots and apples, add lemon juice, little sugar and ready. All salads prepare directly before eating. Don’t keep long time, because from Sun will loose vitamins.

Try to limit red meat, this let once per week and start to eat 3 times per week fishes and poultry. Red meat contains lots of cholesterol and saturated fatty acids which is factor in atherosclerosis.  Fishes are rich in necessary unsaturated fatty acids omega 3.

5. Between lunch and supper eat something light, this can be apple or another fruit. You can prepare also cocktail from kefir and f.e. raspberries or strawberries.

6. Supper. Eat this meal 3h before sleeping. With full stomach is hard to fall asleep. For this meal you can eat same products which you use for breakfast. So sandwich, milk with cereals. Or if you want, you can prepare baked vegetables with piece of meat.

Here you have examples what to eat. Try to change, diversify food, combine and find new tastes. Try to prepare meals nice looking with lots of colors. Choose good your food, read leaflets, check preservatives, don’t eat fast food, better to prepare own food and to know what is inside. Remember to have in every meal some vegetables or fruits. Really your food is best medicine.

Your organism deserves all the best, it’s not trash.

After healthy diet full in fruits, vegetables, vitamins, minerals you will feel better, will vanish problem with defecation and you will keep healthy and slim. To be slim really you don’t need rigorous diet. Of course if you are obese person, first you must loose kilos on diet, but later only to keep basic rules.

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