February 21, 2017

Spring Program Part 1- Be Active!

On Monday morning, March 21 we waked up to a whole new season – Spring. It is the best time of the year, because of the colors it has to offer : yellow, green, light blue, rose, red, purple and what not! After the cold gloomy winters it is once again time for the bright sunshiny days.We tend to put on a few extra pounds during the cold season. Our skin is dry, feet are not taken care of. We kind of get used to become a little lazy due to the gloomy weather outside.

Spring is great moment to wake up and get moving. It is a proven fact that Sun gives us optimism, joy and the desire to get more active. So now is the time to wake up from your winter slumber and modify your life style.

Being more active is the keyword to keep yourself fit. Even the best diet will not help you to burn the extra calories without the right physical activities. Best results can be achieved only when we combine the right diet and the right kind of physical activity in our daily routine.

WHO recommends 30 minutes of physical activities every day, but we can try and stretch it a bit longer if we have a nice weather outside. Just go outside make use of the warmer weather and get more active.

1. If your workplace is not that far try to avoid driving to your work atleast twice a week and use a bi cycle instead. Biking is a great exercise that will help you lose weight and keep you fit.If you use public transport for commuting get down one stop/station before and walk down to your work place. Try to walk to the grocery stores,take your kids along to help you get the groceries home. Try avoiding elevators use the staris whenever possible.

2. Become a member of a swimming club. Try to join some organized aqua aerobic class. It is a great idea for burning calories.

3. Dancing is the best way to get into shape. Join dance classes offered in your locality. Various dance forms like samba solo, salsa solo, latin dance, belly dance, hip hop, are the ones that are very popular. You can go alone or take your partner with you.Dancing relaxes pelvis muscles and it reduces the problems during menstruation . Women tend to explore their femininity and revive their confidence once they lose all those extra pounds and get back in shape.

4. Nordic walking-Nordic walking is defined as fitness walking with specially designed poles. It evolved from an off-season ski-training activity known as ski walking, hill bounding or ski striding to become a way of exercising year-round.

5. Engage more in outdoor family activities, It’s great idea to spend time together as a family and burn off those calories. So instead of giving your kids x-box or playstations as presents, buy them a badminton set instead.

6. But if you don’t find time at all to go out and exercise do it at home. Get a good fitness video and practice some free hand exercises.Try to enjoy as much while you exercise.. The benefits of being active are endless..Nice shape, healthy organism, healthy heart, less pounds, kind of spending free time, reduced cellulite and smoother skin. Do you know that the right kind of physical exercise and good diet with calcium can prevent you from osteoporosis?
The kids who are into physical activities have better results in school with higher concentration levels.

If you are affected by atherosclerosis, suffer from hypertension, problems with heart, spine, knees- it is best to take advice from your physician before you start your fitness regime.

In healthy body lies a healthy spirit!

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  1. Very helpful Spring tips. I think I should start using my bike during spring insted of car like you said.

  2. We love bikes, so we wish You good luck :) Start, there are only benefits!

  3. I love spring!!!!!!!!!
    Nice tips

  4. Looks like a great site.. always looking for health tips. I started following you!!!!


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