February 21, 2017

Smoking is expensive!

It’s boring to hear again that you should quit smoking, because it’s danger for life, can cause lungs cancer, so maybe money. It’s always on our mind :) especially now- world crisis. Cigarettes are costing you a ¬†fortune! If you quit, the amount of money you save will probably shock and amaze you and may even make you mad and depressed too!

Let’s look at a simple example.

You pay three dollars per pack of cigarettes. I consider this may be low for many people and high for others. But three dollars is a good average. Now, let’s assume you smoke one pack per day. During the course of a year, those cigarettes are costing you 365 x $3 = $1,095.
Now let’s think a little deeper about associated costs. Sometimes you have to make a special run to the store just to get cigarettes. So there is gas money on top of cigarette money. Let’s just assume you have to spend gas money on one out of three packs. We’ll just use $1.00 as the cost to get a pack. So over the course of a year, that’s another 365 √∑ 3 x $1 = $122. Just to get cigarettes!

Now imagine what for this money spent on unhealthy, bad smelling cigarettes you can get :)

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