February 16, 2017

Sleep Erases Wrinkles And Rejuvenates Your Skin

Think of all the late-nighters you’ve pulled for work projects, exams, and swinging at the club. Remember what you thought as you reluctantly glanced at your reflection in the mirror?  What happened to that vibrant skin of the day before?  Not only do you feel worn out but you’re wearing it on your skin.

Loss of sleep is one of the leading causes of skin breakdowns that lead to the early appearance of fine lines and worse, wrinkles.

Of course your skin needs a break from the workaday the same way your mind and body do. Sleep gives your skin that break it needs to repair itself from exposure to the elements.  Without sufficient rest the signs of wear and tear begin manifest itself on your skin over time.  Think of sleep as a life and youth elixir– the more you take the healthier your skin will look and actually be.

  • Consider the affects of sleep deprivation and you’re soon clear on why missing out on the Z’s is not an option.  Inflammation of the skin (rashes, puffiness and acne), weight gain, increased stress level, sluggishness, higher insulin resistance, and moodiness are just of few results of sleep loss.  Your body actually burns a considerable number of calories during sleep.  When you lose sleep, levels of the hormone Grehlin increase leading to a worked up appetite. As you give in to those late night munchies your weight will inevitably increase.  Those few missed hours of sleep will also suppress growth hormones that will mean slower generation of skin tissue.  Given that it’s a no-brainer as to why fitting a few minutes more sleep a night will be beneficial in your quest for healthy skin.  Your overall emotional well being is essential for optimal healthy skin that defies premature aging.  When that well being is compromised, as it is when you lose sleep, so is your skin’s ability to withstand the stresses of the day.
  • If you have trouble getting to sleep a melatonin supplement will help lull you to sleep with ease.  Melatonin is a hormone your bodily naturally produces, through your pituitary gland, to induce restfulness and healthy sleep.  The other benefit of melatonin when taken in tincture form, is the 15 drops you take before bed time can reverse the symptoms of aging skin by literally reprogramming your skin cells to behave like their youthful counterparts.  So whether you’re drifting off on a wave of melatonin or sipping it in a fruit smoothie you will reverse the aging process with the most natural rest serum known to humankind.
  • As you lay on your pillow, with Sand Man approaching, gazing up toward the stars your skin defies the downward drag of gravity that leads to sagging skin in the daytime hours while you tend your busy life in this competitive world we live in.  The eight hours that your skin is cozily protected from hectic routine is rejuvenating the blood flow throughout skin tissue and promoting the growth of new skin tissue.  All those forced and stressed facial expressions melt away during restful sleep, easing those areas where fine lines and wrinkles will begin appear without daily respite from high paced living.  When you apply your choice of organic moisturizer before bed you naturally boost your skin’s ability to regenerate and rehydrate.  When you awake In the morning or after that nap you find your skin has more vitality then before you took that much needed snooze.  So don’t be afraid to hit the snooze button and give your skin the prolonged nocturnal loving it needs.


By Joanna Vargas is a graduate from the University of Chicago and is a celebrity facialist known for her unique facials and skincare treatments. She is a skin care guru according to magazines such as Vogue, Allure and many others. She is also the manufacturer and retailer of a full body LED light therapy bed and her own skincare products are coming soon.

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