February 21, 2017

Shocking Facts & Statistics About the Cleanliness of Hospitals

The prime reason of going to any medical facility such as hospital is to get well. At the hospital, you can get proper medication, assistance and right treatment to your illness. But it’s not only about what you take in to your body that will help you feel better.

Our environment also plays a huge role in treating us. Thus, it is very critical to maintain proper hygiene and cleanliness inside the hospital. Clean rooms (wards, private rooms, operating room, emergency room, labor room, bathroom, stock room, etc)? Absolutely yes! But keep in mind that cleanliness doesn’t only imply what your eyes can see.

Hospital could house several types of aerial virus, bacteria, germs and other forms of disease carrier. That is why it is vital to declare war against these carriers by sterilizing all the equipments and apparatus. Germ-free surrounding will surely help you recover in no time. This scenario would be perfect if implemented. But in reality, there are shocking facts you/we didn’t know about hospitals.

Check out this infographic to discover what they are.

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