February 21, 2017

Seven Ways Having a Storage Unit Can Improve Your Overall Health

Is your home a hazard? Do you find yourself tripping on extra shoes or toys? Do boxes fall off the shelves every time you open your hall closet? Is your garage so packed with odds and ends that you have to park your car in the driveway?

seven ways having a storage unit can improve your overall health

If you answered yes to any of these questions, It is time for you to go through your house and organize. As you organize, you may realize you have too many items for your home and a storage unit could come in handy.. Believe it or not, you may find getting a storage unit and de-junking your home helps you to improve your health. Here are some of the ways a storage unit can help your health improve, according to an expert of Houston TX self storage.

Clutter is depressing.

Nothing gets us down more than things spinning out of control, and those vinyl albums, stacks of books and extra appliances you’re saving for a rainy day aren’t helping. A storage unit can help you store the items you are not yet ready to let go of, but have no need for in your home. You’ll still have your copy of the Bee Gees Greatest Hits, that 8-track of “Convoy,” your copies of Gatsby and “War and Peace,” in addition to those extra toasters, but they’ll be safe and out of the way. That brings peace of mind. With less clutter, you will notice you feel more positive and have more energy.

You’ll be able to get to your exercise equipment.

Most people know the health benefits of exercise, some of which are weight loss, muscle building, and an increase in energy. As you probably know, treadmills aren’t meant to be a clothes rack and stair climbers aren’t shelves. Face it, if you can’t get to it, you won’t use it. Get yourself a storage unit for the stuff you don’t use, and start using the stuff you should.

Organize your hobbies.

Fishing is good for you, but first you’ve got to get organized. Tackle boxes in basements, random lures in junk drawers and trolling motors holding up the garage walls aren’t going to get you on the lake. Gather it up, clean it up, get it ready and store it – it’ll be there neat and tidy when you’re ready. And nothing boosts your mental health like your favorite hobby. Taking the time to do something you love brings a calmness to your life and helps you to de-stress. Take some time to organize the things you need for your hobbies, be they scrap-booking, sewing, fishing or sports. Take the items you use less to your storage unit until you need them. You will find you have more time to do the things you love and you will be a happier person.

Clutter can be dangerous.

We know – you’re not living in an episode of “Hoarders,” but too much stuff means too much stuff out of place, and the risk of injury is real. Don’t risk broken bones. Organize it and store it. Fetch it when you need it. In addition. It can be difficult to clean when your home is full of clutter, allowing germs, dust and other pathogens and allergens to make your house their home. Children love boxes and clutter. Not only will they try to climb the clutter and risk a fall, but they will also find small objects, tools or other dangerous materials you may have packed away and play with them. Storing these items where children cannot reach them will help keep your family safe.

Junk burns.

None of us like to think about that, but just like rattraps of extension cords, piles of treasures, boxes and random clutter are a risk. If there is ever an accidental flame in your home, having too much stuff lying around is sure to start a fire. This is especially true if you have boxes of extra pots and pans that you can’t fit in your cupboard. Any extra cardboard of clutter near the kitchen or the fireplace is a fire hazard. Take a few minutes and move the items you don’t use to safety, decrease the potential health risks of fire and smoke inhalation.

Sheds can bring pests.

If you have room in your yard, you can use a shed. However, oftentimes sheds attract all kinds of critters. Pests and bugs want to find a warm place to live and they will often make homes in your boxes of clothes or accessories. These pests can often carry diseases and bacteria. Storage units and clean and secure. They are generally well lit and well insulated to keep your treasures in and those pesky pests out.

Get a unit that is walking distance.

Just for kicks, rent your self-storage unit near home. You can walk there, check your stuff, gather what you need and walk home. You can take a wagon or stroller with you to pick up small items, or drive over if you need to pick up something bigger. Believe it or not, that little bit of walking every now and again can help improve your overall health too.

A clean, well organized home will help to keep your whole family happy and healthy. You will have less stress doing weekly cleaning, because there won’t be as many things to clean around your home. Dust will gather less, and you can easily get through your hallways and closets with you vacuum and duster. It’s always a good idea to go through your home and throw out or donate things you don’t need, but storing your extra belongings can be a great option for cleaning out your home if you are not sure what you will need in the future.


  1. Great Article! I have been debating a while to keep my extra stuff in my house or get a storage unit and this article has helped me to know what my answer is. You gave 7 amazing reasons of why i should get a storage unit but i didnt need the other 6 because you had me on the first one. I agree that clutter can be very depressing. I like how you said that ,” with less clutter, you will notice you feel more positive and have more energy.” I know from personal experience that the more organized i am the more relaxed I am so that sentence is so true. Thanks once again for reaching my answer to my question!

  2. Judy Wilson says:

    These examples for uses for a storage unit is really helpful. I enjoy cycling, but I don’t have enough room for both of my bikes in my apartment. Since a storage unit would allow me to have the space that I need to store one of my bikes I should consider renting one. That will allow me to keep one bike and keep the other in storage as a backup.

  3. Silas Knight says:

    I had never thought that having a storage unit could help my health. However, your points here make sense, de-cluttering our home would definitely have a positive effect on our attitudes, I think. Plus, like you also said, that does give us room for some exercise equipment.

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