February 15, 2017

Seriously Cool Scifi Medical Procedures That Are Now Real

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Whenever you watch a science fiction show, there is always some sort of awesome, incredible, medical procedure. You might think that these ideas a purely confined to the form of scifi but you would be wrong. Actually, it’s quite common for script writers to contact medical professionals and researchers. They tend to investigate the unannounced advancements in medicine and technology during the writing stage. That way, their show feels more realistic and part of a world that could one day exist. In fact, you might be surprised by just how many ideas that used to exist in science fiction are now being used in the medical industry.



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Perhaps you are familiar with the idea of growing another organ to replace one that has been lost. This concept was most recently displayed in the science fiction show, Travelers. We’re sure the writers thought that tech was just a theory but it’s already happening through the use of Xenografts. Xenografts are organs, cells and tissues grown in one animal that can be used cross species. Research businesses such as Hera Bio Labs are already using this type of technology. You can find out more about it on sites like HeraBioLabs.com.

With this tech it is possible to replace almost any living tissue. While not at the advance stage shown in science fiction where health cells can be grown in minutes, give it time. We’re not that far off from no longer needing organ donors.



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Nanotechnology is the name given to robotics that are completely invisible to the human eye. They have appeared in multiple science fiction films over the years as well as superhero movies. What you may not know is that again, the technology is already here. Israel is leading the charge in development with multiple companies over there working hard to prep the tech for medical use. Once implemented into the medical industry it will completely alter surgeries and other procedures. We will no longer have to rely on human hands to fix our bodies. Instead, nanotech could heal internal injuries without a single scar on the skin.



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Just how far away are we from using cloning as part of medicine? The road block here isn’t a technological one or even medical, it’s purely ethical. Multiple researchers have claimed that we can now clone humans as well as animals. We can certainly clone organs and yet there has been very little progress here. Activist groups, as well as key figures in the medical industry, are worried that this type of action could lead to ethically sketchy situations. Although many people believe that since the tech has been around for quite some time, for whatever purpose, humans have already been cloned. At the very least, there have been artificial twinning research studies which is basically the same thing. You can find out more about that on Bibliotecapleyades.net.


As you can see then the world of medicine is a lot more advanced than you might think. In fact, there are countless procedures that we don’t know about because they are still in testing and research stages. Make no mistake, though, in just five years time, the medical world will be completely different compared to what it is today.


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