February 21, 2017

Remove the Alibis, Start Flossing and Remove the Plaque

After eating, the food particles that are left feed the bacteria that will eventually grow into a yellow sticky thing called plaque. This plaque causes the teeth to have a hole in them. It gives off acid that eats away the enamel, a part of a tooth. Once it reaches the pulp that contains the roots and nerves that give the tooth sensitivity, it will cause an awful toothache.

One of the ways to remove some of the food particles and plaque away is by regular tooth brushing. Doing this will make the teeth stronger and healthier. However, doing this alone cannot solve the problem of removing plaque. There are just some spaces between the teeth that toothbrush cannot reach. This is where flossing comes in very essentially. It removes the minute particles and plaque that prevents a person from having bad breath, tooth cavities, and gum diseases.

But, why is it many people disregard the advice of their dentists to floss? The reason is that these people have so many alibis.

The first excuse that one can get from them is, “It is painful!” Though it is true that it hurts when a person flosses, the pain will never really last. As soon as you get used to the habit, it is not only the pain that will go away, but also the plaque.

The next alibi that people uses is the bleeding scenario. The bleeding process is just like the pain. It is usually experienced by people who have just started flossing. The bleeding will stop as soon as the gum has been accustomed with the process. Should the bleeding continue; it is better to go and see a dentist.

There is also an excuse about swollen gums. Swollen gums are caused by inappropriate flossing or, sometimes, not enough flossing. However, if one have swollen gums that are painful and irritated, it is better to consult a dentist. The dentist will help you find out if you suffering from any gum infections like gingivitis.

The worst alibi one can think of is about easily breaking floss strings. So, it is suggested that one should use a thinner type of floss. A satin-made tape is recommended for one to avoid breaking the strings and getting it caught up between teeth.

Now that all alibis have been given solutions, the time has come for you to remove them and start flossing to remove plaque!



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  1. Great blog post! Another flossing tip is to go up and down on each side of your teeth with the floss a couple of times before you move on to the next tooth. You really want to “hug” your tooth with the floss string to make sure you get all the plaque removed.

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