February 22, 2017

Relief for lips in winter

The skin on our lips is very thin and there are no oil glands to protect them. Cold, windy weather isn’t friendly for our lips. They are dry, chapped, sometimes painful. Even make up with best lipstick can’t give proper effect. To achieve nice lips you should care every day.

How to protect lips:

1) drink plenty of water to moisturize your lips from the inside
2) cracked lips could be a sign that your diet is low in B vitamins.
3) keep lips well lubricated at all times and this means at bedtime also
4) keep non stop near you lip balm

5) avoid licking your lips, don’t nibble and don’t detach

Good trick is also using brush (f.e. same which you use to brush teeth) to massage lips with gentle, circular motions to improve circulation, to exfoliate and to take away chapping. After it you should  lubricate lips every evening with honey for 10-15 minutes and later before sleeping to put lip balm. Lips will become smooth, soft and good looking.

Honey is great for moisturizing, very rich in  minerals, vitamins, enzymes, acts antibacterial, accelerates wound healing. Known and used by Cleopatra.

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