February 21, 2017

Rehab Struggles: Why It Might Not Be Working For You

As an addict, checking into rehab is one of the bravest things you can do. It can give you the opportunity to break free from your addiction and provide you with the fresh start you’ve been craving. But unfortunately, even though you might have checked in, there is no guarantee that rehab will work. Despite the help of the staff and treatment programs, you might find it difficult to overcome your addiction. This can increase your chances of leaving and returning to your habit. Here are a few reasons why rehab might not be working for you and what you can do about it.
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You’ve tried too many times before

It’s no secret that your first time in rehab might not be a success. You might have to return three or four times before any real progress is made. Unfortunately, if you’ve been in rehab multiple times, this could be the reason it isn’t working for you. You’ve probably learned how the program works and know exactly what to expect. This knowledge could encourage you to lie in an attempt to complete the program as quickly as possible. To prevent this from happening, you need to change your frame of mind. Even though you might have taken part in a particular rehab program more than once, see it as a new experience each time. You should also talk to a counselor to see what they can do to improve your rehab treatment.

The 12 steps don’t work for you

The 12 step treatment program is one that is used by many rehab facilities to aid their patient’s recovery. While many addicts have found success from taking part in this program, it’s not for everyone. If you aren’t committed to the 12 steps or find it to be ineffective, this could be why your rehab treatment isn’t working. Thankfully, there are other options out there for you to try instead. You can check into a non 12 step rehab facility or one that specializes in art therapy. There’s also behavioral modification and holistic rehab treatments you might want to consider. So if the traditional 12 steps aren’t working for you, you don’t have to feel like you are out of options. Express your concerns to the rehab staff and they should be able to offer advice and recommendations.

You were forced to check in

If you were forced to check into rehab by someone else, this could be a reason why you aren’t finding it beneficial. Being coerced into going to rehab by your spouse, kids or even a judge isn’t always the best tactic. While they understandably want to help you, it can reduce your risk of rehab success. As you haven’t checked in yourself, this could highlight that you aren’t ready to overcome your addiction. This can mean you aren’t committed to the program and willing to change. But rather than checking out immediately, take the time to talk to the staff. They could give you the additional reassurance and support you need to seize this opportunity with both hands.

Even though you might want a quick fix, it can take multiple attempts at rehab to overcome your addiction. You may also have to try a variety of treatments before you discover on that works for you. So if you are serious about getting clean, you need to be patient and willing to try different methods.

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