February 21, 2017

Preventing Dementia: Trivia

dementia traviaWhile you’ve probably heard about the devastating effects which dementia can have on a person, you may not be aware that this condition can be prevented in some instances. By taking the appropriate steps, there is a chance that some cases of this condition can be avoided altogether.


The Benefits of Trivia Games to Prevent Dementia

Recent studies have shown promise in trivia to help prevent further dementia in early-onset Alzheimer’s patients. Trivia questions help to stimulate the brain. The theory is that if the brain is regularly stimulated in the temporal lobe, which controls memory, then these memories will be kept longer. When the neurons are utilized in this lobe of the brain regularly, then they are more likely to resist the effects of whatever brain disorder is resulting in the dementia.

A Focus on Nutrition

Though trivia questions are one way to prevent dementia from occurring, nutrition also plays a role in keeping an individual’s biology from turning against them. Neurologists believe that foods rich in vitamins C and E are the most promising when it comes to preventing mental deterioration. These include fruits like oranges, plums, and pineapple.

The vitamins contained in food can play a key role in preventing dementia, but other factors, such as cholesterol and fat content, should also be monitored in order to reduce the risk of acquiring the condition. Plaque from foods high in cholesterol can accumulate within the carotid arteries, reducing the amount of oxygen that reaches the brain. As brain cells begin to die, it becomes harder for the mind to focus.

Severe blockages in these arteries can lead to a stroke, but plaque buildup allowing some blood to pass through can cause mental deterioration which is barely noticeable at first. As the effects of reduced oxygen levels reaching the brain continues, the dementia symptoms can become more prominent. Patients with this condition can begin to forget names and other details about friends they have known throughout their lives.

Everyday Activities

Sometimes, the most tedious activities that we hardly give a second thought to are what can save us from developing dementia. These can include everything from reading to playing simple card games. Solitaire, for instance, is a card game which is effective at stimulating multiple areas of the brain. This is thought by many researchers to have a positive impact on preventing the deterioration of neurons by conditions resulting in dementia.

People at risk for acquiring dementia are encouraged by medical professionals to read regularly, even if it is just a few articles daily in the newspaper. This is an effort to engage the brain in comprehension, since reading is an activity which forces the brain to fuse words with images in order to further understanding about the subject. Patients who keep their mind occupied typically are able to slow down the deterioration caused by dementia.

               Although there is no cure for most conditions resulting in dementia, it is a symptom which can often be prevented if the right measures are taken. Since anyone can acquire such a condition, it is important to adhere to a healthy diet and follow other preventative steps in order to avoid dementia signs later on in life.

Byline: John Fisher has been playing Trivia Pursuit for several years. You could say he is addicted to trivia questions. No one will compete against him in music trivia, because he can’t be beaten.

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