February 21, 2017

Peace at Work!

How To Maintain A Good Mental Health At Workplace?

Mental health is a state of well being where one is not affected by any mental illness and is capable of thinking rationally and is in every way competent to discharge his daily activities. A state of good mental health helps you to cope with the normal rigors of life despite undergoing stressful situations. A balanced state of mental health also helps in increasing your work productivity. This affords a great sense of stability and security in your own life as well as those connected with you emotionally.

Mental stress

Of course, being humans, we are sensitive and require emotional stability. At times certain stressful situations lead us to mental strain. Increased and regular encountering of such situations will lead to mental illness. However in order to maintain our sanity and safeguard relationships with our family and the society, we need to have a mental discipline which can be achieved through meditation exercises.

It is very essential to maintain a good mental health at your workplace because the state of your mental health reflects on your actions and productivity. Some small ways by which you can maintain good mental health are briefly outlined.

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  • 1. Be physically fit: In order to have a good mental health, it is necessary to be physically fit. Ill-health apart from causing physical pain causes you a great amount of mental stress which would ultimately create an imbalance in your mental health. Incorporate some physical activity in your routine like your favorite sport or moderate exercises. A healthy body is the need for a healthy mind.
  • 2. Prioritize your work goals: Do not set yourself unrealistic expectations and then draw flak for not being able to meet up with them. Taking too many things on your head will cause you a lot of mental stress. It would always keep ringing at the back of your head, preventing your mind from remaining calm. Take up your tasks one after another with the ability to prioritize. Mainly go for the achievable and what you can take up. This will get rid of the unnecessary stress and help you to enjoy work.
  • 3. Build relationships: Maintaining a healthy and friendly relationship at workplace would help you get theĀ  support of others to sustain in the competitive world of corporate and also marks you high in the good books of your senior management team. This in turn helps in reducing stress to a considerable extent and being stress free is the key to good healthy state of mind.
  • 4. Care for yourself: Just because you are running the show does not imply that you take everything on you and get worked up with the entire workload and the associated strain and stress. An effective manager is one who knows to delegate work and extract the work from others. Give time for your self and avoid unnecessary stress.
  • 5. Identify the cause: You need to get to the root cause of your bad mental health. Once the cause is identified, it is very easy to find the solution. This will help to work on the root cause of such stressed situations and help you to alleviate them.

Please keep in mind that a good mental health reflects on your work.Be stress free, positive and happy, like what you do instead of doing what you are told to do. This will help you perform better.

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