February 16, 2017

Packing a Nutritional Lunch For Your Child

In order for your children to grow up happy and healthy you need to ensure that they eat the right food. It’s easier to feed your kids healthy options when they’re at home but once they hit the school gates it’s out of your hands. This is why it’s vital that they have a nutrition-packed lunch that they actually want to tuck in to.

What Food?

The most important thing is ensuring your child has the right balance in their lunch box to help them be more active and focused. Try considering the following:

If you’re going to use bread for sandwiches consider switching to whole grain as opposed to white as they contain the right amount of starch but are the healthier option.

Fruits & Vegetables
Fruit is very important to a child’s diet and it is also tasty so most children will be happy to eat it. There are a number of mini packaged fruit salads sold in various supermarkets so there is an array of options you could use for your child. In addition, vegetables can sometimes be difficult to add to a child’s lunch box because they usually are accompanied with a meal. However, fresh carrot or celery sticks can be easily added to their packed lunch, so your kid has a healthy snack and you save time in preparation.

If you’re making a sandwich, you need to make sure you are adding the right type of meat that will ensure lean protein for your child. Therefore, consider using salmon or tuna but if your child dislikes fish, and let’s face it, it can be hit and miss, you could use lean chicken or beef.

Yogurt’s are the perfect addition to a lunch box and there are so many different healthy varieties that you can choose from. Moreover, there are hundreds of brands that target their product specifically to children, so your little boy or girl can choose from a number of playful designs.

Rehydrating is vital for young children, especially if it is a hot summer day and they spend most of recess running around with their friends. The best beverage you can pack them off to school with is water because it will quench their thirst as well as give their bodies the appropriate nutrients. During the summer you should consider filling up your child’s bottle with water and placing it in the freezer the night before. Take it out in the morning so come lunch time it will melt and be nice and cool to drink.

How to convince them?

The hardest thing is actually getting your little boy or girl to eat the healthy lunch you provide them with. With most kids, burgers, hot dogs and chips tend to appeal more to them so how are you going to get them to eat a tuna sandwich, fruit salad and carrot sticks? Well it is easier than you may think.

Depending on the age of your child, they are more likely to eat something if it looks fun and appetizing rather than dull and boring. So, when it comes to your healthy sandwiches, consider cutting them up in fun shapes such as stars or triangles. Also, when you pack the lunch box with fruit make sure you make up a selection of different types of fruit so they get a variety of tastes and colours. In some supermarkets you can purchase carrot sticks with cartoon packaging especially for kids which will make it more appealing to them.

Let them help
How many times have you been getting on with chores in the kitchen and your kid has asked what you’re doing, or ‘can I help?’ Well, this time they can. Make a list of all the potential healthy options you could pack in your child’s lunch box and then ask him or her to pick 5 or so items. If you do this, then they will only be able to choose from healthy foods, so they will still feel compelled to eat it because they helped put it together.

It is very important that children enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle in order for them to grow up fit and happy. We all know how stubborn children can be when it comes to eating healthy food but as long as you make it as appealing as possible, they will be more willing to eat and enjoy it.

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