February 21, 2017

Natural home remedies for oily skin

Herbal well being tipsMany people do have the oily skin, and then this means their glandulae sebaceae pumps out an overabundance of sebum which is a waxy substance and protects their skins. When the sebaceous is too much on the face then the skin looks very oily and this over sebum contributes to acne. Moreover, heredity also plays an important role. You must have seen some people with dark hair make more fair haired folks. Along with these there are also other factors that contribute to it like hormonal activities and stress. Women who are pregnant and who take oral contraceptive pills are more prone to oily skins.
Well, these are the symptoms through which the people are prone to such diseases but we are here to find the solution for that. Let us first of all look at the brighter side of the stage

  • People who are having oily skin tend to age better and thus in result develop very few wrinkles as compared to dry skin. However, oily skin require more attention but still it needs cleansing of the over productive pores. The keystone is a firmly but assuage hand. Dead skin cells are needed to be washed away. This is required because the dirt and excess oil doesn’t go away without scrubbing hard.

  • Try to wash your face with hot water, not completely hot but lukewarm water.

  • Always choose the right cleanser to make it clean, don’t go for cleanser used for dry skin. There are so many moisturizers available in the market. Try these products but very carefully and also take the advice of the doctor first before applying any new product on your face.

If you are worried about the market products then you can make you’re your own products at home

Toner remedies at home

  • Once you washed the face, take a cotton pad and dab it all around your face with raw milk or witch hazel. Try it twice a day and 3-4 times in a week. Once you continued, you can apply once after 3 weeks. It would have an astringent affect on your skin which will tighten your pores and make them dry.

  • The natural herbs such as peppermint and sage also work excellently and improve the look of your face. Put a tablespoon of these herbs in a cup and then fill it with the boiling water. Make it steep for 30 minutes and strain the liquid and make it cool before your dab it on your oily skin. You can store in a squeeze bottle whatever left and use after five days after storing it in the refrigerator.

  • For making another excellent toner, use hyssop which is a member of mint family. It also makes an excellent herbal toner and also it is good for making the complexion fair. The procedure includes the addition of 1 tablespoon of hyssop to 1 cup water and after boiling 10 minutes, strains it and after cooling the mixture, applies it on skin to cleanse it.

All these remedies, I hope will surely wok for you in some way. All the best!!

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