February 21, 2017

Meditation and the Management of Diabetes

Diabetes is the medical condition where the body is either unable to produce the hormone insulin or the body’s insulin is inadequate for the body’s needs to process and maintain the equilibrium for blood glucose levels.

Glucose is the body’s fuel needed for proper cell regeneration and functioning. If the body is unable to process glucose through naturally occurring insulin, then the cells of the body would wither and die, leading to organ failure and physical distress for the individual. Thus it is important that the body would have the right amount of insulin at the right time to avert the highs and crashes commonly associated with diabetes.

One of the greatest triggers in metabolic changes for an individual is stress. Stress causes blood pressure to shoot up leading to greater need for glucose processing to sustain the need. If the individual is unable to process glycogen for the proper functioning of the body, then a breakdown would occur leading to greater physical distress for the individual.

Since stress has been identified as one of the triggers that wreak havoc in an individual, then one must learn how to manage that stress in order to manage one’s diabetes. The best and most effective way to manage stress is through meditation. Meditation is in essence finding time of quiet and solace where the only concentration for the mind is on one’s breathing. For over thousands of years, this simple exercise has helped managed stress in the individual by calming the nerves and mind and focus the consciousness of the individual. Thus by managing stress through meditation, one can also help in reducing the triggers and consequences that make diabetes a much more difficult condition to manage.

Not only does meditation help in managing diabetes, it also provides the venue for the overall well-being of the individual. Through meditation, the body naturally cleanses itself, allowing it to recuperate and recover, leading to better health and way of life for the individual. So meditation is not just about managing the triggers that exacerbate diabetes, it is about helping the individual manage the everyday stresses for a better quality of life.

Thus managing diabetes is not just about the right medication at the right time. It is also about giving the body the ample opportunity to protect itself and recuperate from everyday problems. Through meditation, not just medication, the individual suffering from diabetes can curb the health issues associated with the condition. Even for just twenty minutes a day, meditation can help manage diabetes in the long run.

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