February 15, 2017

Medical Tourism: Private vs. Public Hospitals Overseas

Going for medical tourism is one of the reasons why people travel to other countries nowadays. Gone are the days when traveling is solely about having fun and exploring a new city or beach. Visiting countries abroad is also being done today because of the various wellness and medical packages available over the internet. Websites such as onlinemedicaltourism.com is a great starting point for anyone who wants to check the various medical tourism packages offered worldwide. The huge leap in the advancement of medicine and technology enabled many countries, the developing ones included, to offer world-class healthcare and medical procedures. That may be the reason why more and more people travel to countries such as Thailand, India, and the Philippines—just to name a few—to avail of excellent and safe medical procedures and treatment.

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 Traveling is no longer just about exploring other places.

Once you’ve already considered traveling abroad for medical purposes, it is imperative to decide which medical institution or hospital to go to. Choosing a clinic or hospital is very crucial because you certainly won’t want to go under the knife in some fly-by-night clinic. Hence, it is very important to do your research to lessen the risk of ending up in a less reputable hospital. Make sure to read feedback from previous patients so that you’ll have more or less an idea on what to expect.

One of the choices that you may need to make when looking for a hospital is whether to go to a private hospital or a public medical institution. Some public hospitals in developing countries, unlike those in first-world countries such as the United States, tend to be left behind by private medical institutions. Though not all public hospitals lag behind privately-owned ones, you can easily find public hospitals that lack medical equipment and doctors in many countries. Some of the public hospitals found in third world countries do not offer the same level of health care that are normally found in well-funded private hospitals. Natural therapies that help patients recover from their medical condition and/or surgery are sometimes not as comprehensive in smaller government-owned medical institutions. However, this does not mean that a private hospital is always the right choice when going for medical tourism. There are also plenty of well-known public hospitals that offer excellent medical care that, in some cases, surpass the ones offered in private institutions.


Which is the better choice, public or private hospitals?

 There are public hospitals that have certain specializations which make them the ideal choice for patients. For example, patients with kidney problems traveling to the Philippines would find that the National Kidney and Transplant Institute, which is considered a public hospital, is their best option in spite of the number of excellent private hospitals nearby. Another, and should I say a huge, advantage of public hospitals from privately owned institutions is the cost of health care. Undoubtedly, going to a public hospital is a lot cheaper. What’s great about it is you pay less and yet get excellent medical care.

Definitely, neither the public or private hospitals have the monopoly of world class health care. There are just as many excellent public hospitals as there are great private hospitals. The important thing to keep in mind is that you should do your research before choosing a hospital. It doesn’t matter if it’s a government or privately-owned as long as it provides you all the necessary medical care and treatment.

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