February 22, 2017

Make your own body scrub

You don’t need lots of money to have good quality cosmetics at home.

For sure you can find in kitchen coffee from which dregs may be useful and beneficial.

I recommend preparation very nice scrub for these cold, winter evenings. It’s easy with great smell and what is important- cheap :)


– Turkish coffee

– salt or sugar

– cinnamon

– olive oil or massage oil

Recipe (components take as you wish):

– to boiled water add few spoons of Turkish coffee, after it will get cold, take out dregs,

– dregs mix with salt or sugar, cinnamon and oil

– massage your body with mixture: wet body when your skin is sensitive or put scrub on dry skin when you don’t have sensitive skin. Rub skin in circular motions with fingers or use loofah. Circular motion improves lymph and blood circulation and help to eliminate cellulite

– rinse with water body, you don’t have to use body lotion after scrub


Good sides of this scrub:

– easy to prepare

– cheap

– nice smell

– after first using you will notice touched effect- skin will become smoother, lighter, dead cells of epidermis will go out,

– help fighting with cellulite


– for better smell you can add essential oil, but when you have allergy or atopic skin- avoid essential oil. Avoiding will prevent from irritation on your skin.

Oils which can be used to mix with scrub:

– olive oil- great for dry, sensitive skin. Named by Homer as “golden fluid”, contains minerals: iron, phoshpor, potassium, vitamins from B group, vitamin C and E, pro-vitamin A. Oil moisturizes and gives softness.

– almond oil- contains a high percentage of iron, calcium, potassium and vitamins B1, B2, B6 and beta-carotene. Oil soothes irritation, good for all types of skin.

To keep effect use scrub once per 1-2 weeks :)

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