February 16, 2017

Love biking

Biking is good and proper for everybody. For kids, for adults, for older people, in diseases and in overweight. Also pregnant women till 3-rd month can try cycling, later better to find another type of activities. Scientists don’t recommend cycling in further pregnancy, because it’s risk connected with falls. During cycling nearly all muscles work. According to WHO and their advice you should have minimum 30 minutes activities per day by whole week. Remember: activity should be trained every day. You can’t transfer minutes for weekend! If you are passive during week and has sport only in Sunday, even few hours you will not see benefits!

If you have family, cycling is great idea to spend together time. Active spending time with family is much more important than same time spent at home with TV, cakes, chips.  Offer to your family nice trip somewhere (for sure you can find nice places in your area). Benefits connected with trips are: better contact with members of your family, activities which prevent from overweight and obese. During planing trip look at conditions- if you have never had activities, if your life isn’t active- start from short ways and with every next weekend try to choose longer and longer.

If you are single person with pessimistic character bike can be great medicine for spirit. Only you on your bike with mind, isn’t nice? During activities organism produces endorphines which are responsible for mood and happiness, so on bike you can solve many problems in optimistic atmosphere.  

Important tips:

1) be careful with technological stuff as f.e. mp3 or i pod. By headphones with you will hear what is in surrounding,

2) don’t save on your safety- buy helmets!

If you are person who loves home, you can invest in stationary bicycle and cycling even during watching TV. It’s especially recommended for older people. This bike will keep theirs bones in good condition and they will feel many benefits: better health, proper blood circulation,  bones and joints in good condition and what is important- great mood.

Now it’s winter and you can look for bikes till they are cheaper, in spring will start season and prices will grow up. Choose proper bike. Best if you will ask specialized person in shop. You have to look on size, living place (f.e. you can’t cycle in mountain on city bike) and for what goal you will use. Bike should be comfortable and healthy for your spine.

I love biking and impatient I’m waiting spring to use every free time for my best sport, because in bike is power and amazing energy.

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