February 21, 2017

Looking After Your Lungs: 5 Ways To Improve Breathing

Many of us neglect the health of our lungs until it’s too late. We all know what it’s like to be out of breath – imagine being out of breath all the time. Other than being uncomfortable, not being able to breathe properly restricts oxygen to every other major organ and function of the body. This oxygen starvation can lead other body parts to fail. You won’t just have respiratory illnesses, but all manner of other illnesses too.

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Of course, we can all stop it from getting to this point. Here are 5 easy ways to keep your lungs fit and healthy.


Quit smoking

Okay, this one’s obvious, but if you’re suffering breathing problems, the fags are going to have to be the first thing that go. There are now so many solutions on the market from nicotine patches to psychotherapy to gum – if one method doesn’t work try another. By far the most popular alternative is vaping, in which your body gets all the catharsis from the action of still ‘smoking’, but without the tar and associated tobacco chemicals that’ll damage the alveoli in your lungs. Vaping will also save you money – vape juices cost much less than tobacco, plus you get the fun of choosing different flavours.


Laugh it up

We all love laughing – but did you know it’s also very healthy for your body. A good old bellyaching laugh works the abdominal muscles, increases lung capacity and forces stale air out of your body in exchange for wholly fresh oxygen. Start watching more comedies and hanging out with those funny friends more often.


Stay hydrated

Water is important for all bodily organs, especially the lungs. Drinking fluids helps wash out the mucus lining on your lungs. Whilst it’s important to have this mucus, not drinking enough and getting dehydrated can result in mucus building up and becoming too thick, causing you to have more trouble breathing. It’s one of the many reasons why you should drink even more fluids when combating a cold.


Join a breathing club

A club for breathing might seem a little strange to some, but they’re in fact very popular, especially amongst those with breathing problems. The support group will get you to partake in various exercises that will give your lungs the workout it needs, as well as providing new breathing techniques and giving encouragement. Look online and find out if there is a club local to you.


Stay active

This might seem like another obvious solution, but in fact a lot of people with breathing problems will avoid exercise in order to prevent themselves getting any more out of breath. Exercise helps spread the oxygen quickly to every part of the body and quickly and more effectively by increasing the rate at which your blood pumps. Push yourself and take those long walks, cycle trips and pool lengths, even if it does make you out of breath fast. Take an inhaler with you and you should be fine.


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