February 21, 2017

Longevity Telomerase Activator TA-65

All of us want to feel healthy and young for as long as we can. Many people eat well, exercise, take supplements, and have generally a lifestyle that can be called healthy. But often that is not enough as these healthy individuals begin to age and deteriorate just as quickly as those who do not take care of themselves.We all have some incident we have seen or read about when the person that took care of themselves and were in great physical shape just drop dead without any warning. Why does everyone get old and deteriorate?

There are cells in the trillions in the human body. At any specific moment numerous cells are dividing feverishly to keep us well and alive. This process is directed by our genes that are set on each of the twenty-three pairs of chromosomes that can be found in every cell. Chromosomes are long structures of DNA that holds all a person’s genetic material. Every pair of chromosomes has one from one parent and the other from another parent. They wrap around each other forming a structure know as the “double helix”. Telomeres have no function; they merely protect the remainder of the chromosome. These little tads of DNA are important to cell functioning healthily and have been described as being much like the tips of plastic on shoelaces.

These telomerase get shorter every time there is division of the cells. When they become too short, they reach “replicative senescence” which means they cannot divide any longer. The results are the various problems that are linked with growing old. Research has found that a primary reason for aging is indeed this shortening of the telomere. No matter what you do to fight the shortening of telomere with exercise or diet that will only help up to a certain point. Something needs to be done to fight this process and make the chromosomes add length and then the division and cell growth can continue. Telomerase is an enzyme, which can actually add DNA repeats to chromosomes and actually grow back length to telomere. Now how can a person start their own natural telomerase? With TA-65 which is the world first telomerase activator that medical studies have shown, can continue the cell division process.

Patients in different studies have described the following after taking supplements of TA-65: the feeling of energy and vitality returning; improved sexual performance; improved appearance related to skin, nails and hair; and improvement in mental ability and improved memory. Patients have also been surprised by improved vision with the need to even change back to old contact lens prescriptions or weaker prescriptions for eyeglasses. Test results have also shown statistically substantial changes in bone density increasing, improved immune system functioning and rise in T-cell levels. This enzyme TA-65 can be taken in TA-65 supplements and many say it is like time going backwards. There are no adverse effects and many individuals report great results with telomerase activators.

Ivan Joksimovic is a anti-aging expert with a passion for motivating and inspiring others. He uses his personal experiences to motivate his clients to love themselves and to be happy, healthy and fit. Ivan is also an experienced journalist in several lifestyle magazines and founder of TA-65 Doctor blog. He is interested in telomere science and telomerase activation.

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