February 16, 2017

Kudos for Others

People want to be acknowledged.  We have a need to be reassured that we are not inconsequential.  Those of us who have reached a higher spiritual level are okay without acknowledgment because we know we are not inconsequential.  But most of us still need acknowledgment.

Acknowledging the work of others is not just a good, kind thing to do but is also a matter of professional ethics.  At its most extreme, this non-acknowledgment is plagiarism and is not legal.  Giving credit for the work others before us have done, whose shoulders we stand on, reaffirms the oneness of all who came before us with ourselves.

Acknowledgment is also one of those circles of circulation.  We acknowledge others and, in turn, others acknowledge us.  Through this process, we feel good and the others feel good, too.  We are all interconnected and celebrate that truth when we acknowledge this interconnectedness.

Finally, we must acknowledge ourselves.  This is a step we often forget or do not even realize we have forgotten.  All of us accomplish great things as well as small things in our lives.  We deserve the good feelings of a job well done.  We have earned them.  Therefore, we need to acknowledge our success and then move on to the next challenge in our lives while basking in the glow of the previous one.


Always acknowledge those who help you with your successes.  People want to know that their accomplishments are important.  It is very frustrating to have someone succeed at a project, goal, etc. and not give you credit for the part you played in it.  Therefore, always give credit where credit is due.

Also, remember to acknowledge your adversaries.  There is nothing like a good stress or to give you the kick in the butt you need to move ahead to a solution or success of some kind.  However, you may want to keep this type of acknowledgement private.  You do not want to look like you are condoning someone’s inappropriate behavior.

It is also a wonderful practice to acknowledge relatives and teachers who have given you guidance throughout your life.  People who have raised and taught children love knowing their efforts were appreciated and made a difference.  Finally, acknowledge yourself.  Anything you have accomplished, or even just survived, was not done for you without your own efforts.  Sometimes we fail to acknowledge our own work, as if we are required to be humble or not show any pride.  This is an antiquated way of thinking and does not help anyone.  Do not think small but celebrate and honor your accomplishments.


By Denise Onyskiw. Denise  currently is writing a book about life balance between the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical planes of our existence. Watch her book intro video or check her facebook page for more information.

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