February 21, 2017

Kiwifruit Reduces Duration of Cold Symptoms – The Study

 Kiwi FruitOh, the cold season. Every year the colder months bring on a rampage of sickness that spreads like wildfire. In my home, it usually starts with the kids contracting some form of the cold from classmates or one of the various surfaces they touch. A recent study published in the British Journal of Nutrition concluded that eating Kiwifruit daily significantly reduced the length and severity of an individual’s cold symptoms.

The study was conducted by Plant & Food Research to test the ability of the Kiwifruit to reduce the duration and severity of the common cold due to the fruit’s vitamins and minerals. Plant & Food Research is a science research company located in New Zealand that focuses on research the value of fruit and vegetable product in the human body. This particular study was conducted for 20 weeks in the Winter and Spring time. The research included 37 individuals that consisted mostly of older people.

“This study shows that the micronutrients provided by regular eating of gold kiwifruit appear to be important in reducing symptoms of colds and other upper respiratory infections,” says Dr. Denise Hunter. Dr. Hunter added, “While we do not know what compounds produce these results, these findings suggest that eating gold kiwifruit on a regular basis throughout the winter period may reduce the severity of some bold symptoms.”

Kiwifruit study presentation video

After reading about the Kiwifruit study I put it to the test with my family. Like clockwork, the beginning of the winter brought the cold to our home. This year the family cold symptoms included sore throats, stuffy noses and coughing. These are exactly the symptoms that researchers concluded Kiwifruit help alleviate. The severity of cold symptoms we were experiencing this year seemed to be much greater than previous years. I have to say, we were skeptical of whether this little fruit was going to be able to help subdue these symptoms.

After 5 days of eating one Kiwifruit in the morning and one in the evening the most severe of our symptoms were gone! It was amazing. Most years the family cold stays around for more than two weeks and some years we can have lingering affect beyond that time. Eating Kiwifruit cut that time in half. This was an amazing and enlightening experience for our family. We have now incorporated Kiwi and other natural healing foods into our daily diet.


Author Bio: Matt is a husband, father and provider who is always looking for natural remedies to our common afflictions. His profession has him helping his community find Florida health insurance plans to protect their financial wellbeing while giving healthy living advice.

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