February 21, 2017

Just Ten Minutes of Sunlight a Day Can Help Prevent Your Baby from Getting Asthma

It might seem hard to believe, but just ten minutes of sunlight a day can reduce the risk that your baby will be born with asthma.

Information regarding this new discovery came surprisingly in an economics study done at the University of Kansas. The economists reviewed data regarding the demographics of people who had asthma in comparison with the amount of sunlight where they lived. Those in regions with limited sunlight tended to have far greater occurrences of asthma than those who lived in sunny regions like Southern California.

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Sunlight provides essential Vitamin D through the skin, so when a woman who is in her second or third trimester of pregnancy sits outside in the sun for at least ten minutes a day, the Vitamin D she absorbs by the sunlight exposure passes on to her baby, ensuring that the little one does not suffer a deficiency.

This doesn’t mean that pregnant women have to be out in a bikini to receive the benefits of sunlight either. Even a small area of exposed skin is enough to absorb the needed amount. The face, arms, or feet are fine.

But, because temperatures is California can get dangerously high in the summertime, there is a greater risk of dehydration, headaches, and stroke, so it is very important that pregnant women drink plenty of water during any time spent outdoors. Getting sun exposure in the morning when the temperature outside isn’t as hot is helpful, too. (A morning walk is generally recommended for everyone, not just pregnant women! But, as always, consult a doctor if there is a question about anything related to health or bedrest…)

And, of course, take common sense care. Never stay outside if your skin starts to burn or you start to feel faint. Bring a bottle of water if you’re going to be somewhere that water is not immediately available.

Women who have asthma themselves, or a family history of it, should consider having their Vitamin D levels checked by a doctor to see if they possibly have a deficiency, which could be exacerbating the condition.

Though Vitamin D helps prevent asthma in babies, it isn’t a cure for those who already have the disease. It is important that medications or nebulizer treatments be continued as your doctor prescribes.

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